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10 Reasons Why Your Diet isn’t Working

With the year being 2021, many people have started taking care of themselves and their health by following a specific diet and a healthy routine. But not all of those diets work for various reasons that people sometimes tend to overlook. Are you on a diet? But is your diet not working? Do not worry, we have got you. Here we have compiled 10 hidden reasons why your diet is not working properly. Maintaining a diet is not always easy, especially without day-to-day hectic lives, but it is even more annoying when we are following a diet and it is not working. Go ahead and keep scrolling to find out the reasons why your diet isn’t working.

Not enough calories are being consumed

One of the most important reasons your diet is not working is that you are not taking in enough calories. Many of us think that dieting is all about cutting calories, but it isn’t actually what it seems. Cutting off too many calories from your diet is harmful in many ways. Calories from important nutrients like protein and unsaturated fat keep you full for a longer time. Cutting these out will make you hungry, which might lead to overeating. Also, not intaking enough calories slows down the metabolism rate of the body and it is then not able to lose weight because the body starts to conserve energy.

Skipping meals way too much

With our lives being hectic, we often tend to forget to take our meals and end up skipping them. But this isn’t the right path to follow if you’re trying to lose weight. Skipping a meal leads to a slower metabolism, which in turn makes the body go into an energy-conserving mode. The body then uses very little energy and is not able to lose weight. Instead of skipping meals, eat whenever you are hungry and stop when you think your stomach is full.

Mindless eating

Mindless eating is one of the foremost reasons diets do not work properly. It is not always about what we eat; sometimes it is also about how we eat. Do not go for bigger bites; always take small ones and chew the food properly. Drink water thoroughly throughout the meal and put your spoon down after every bite. Research shows that eating off bigger plates leads to eating more. If possible, eat your food from a salad plate. Never eat directly from packages because this can also be the reason for your mindless eating.

Not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water can also be the reason why your diet is not working. Always drink water throughout a meal. If possible, drink water instead of having carbonated drinks because these are high in calories, contain carbohydrates, saturated fats, sugar, and cholesterol. If you don’t like to drink water all the time, make fresh lemon juice and drink it. You also have fruits such as watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries, etc., because these are high in water content.

Not exercising

Eating healthy is not the only aspect that helps with weight loss; proper exercise is also an essential part. Eating foods with a low calorific value does ensure weight loss. If you are consuming fewer calories and not burning enough of them, there is no point in a diet. It is important to take the required calories and do proper exercises to steady the metabolism rate and lose weight properly.


Boredom is one of the reasons we end up eating too much. This might lead us to not stick to our daily routine and diet. People often feel the urge to eat when they are super bored and this leads to unwanted weight gain. If you think this is the reason why your diet is not working, whenever you are bored, instead of eating, do something you absolutely love. Do anything to divert your mind from the thought of eating.

Consuming too many low-fat foods

Many people tend to opt for low-fat food. But they are not always healthy. Eating low-fat food might not keep you full for a long time, and you might end up eating too much of it. Whereas food with unsaturated fats is healthier, provides a feeling of fullness, and does not lead to overeating.

Emotional eating

Emotional eating is actually a thing. Many of us eat when we are sad, anxious, stressed, or even happy. But this is actually an unhealthy habit which might be the reason your diet is not working. We feel a series of emotions throughout the day and eating to manage all of them will definitely lead to uncontrollable weight gain. Instead of eating, choose alternatives for stress reduction like yoga.

Larger portion size

Many people are unfamiliar with serving sizes. Studies suggest that people eating from larger containers tend to consume more than people eating from smaller ones. Replace all your dining plates with salad plates, which will not lead to overeating. Take small bites, chew it properly, and do not forget to put your spoon down after every bite. The brain needs 15-20 minutes to signal that the stomach is full. Take your time and have your meal.

Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep can also be a reason for the diet not working properly. Not getting enough sleep might lead to a decrease in energy, which, in turn, leads to avoiding exercise. But as mentioned above, exercising and eating properly leads to proper weight loss. Sleep at least 6-7 hours a day.

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