7 Facts About Bengali Girls That Will Make You Consider Having A Bengali Life Partner

Bengal is famous for various things, from its cuisine to its culture, traditions, festivals, and of course, for Bengali women. Bengali women are different in every aspect, and that is what adds to their charm. The display of feminity in their charm lies in beautiful contrast to the sheer independence in their values and morals. Bengali women have forever been stunning in appearance and a sight for sore eyes. There are numerous specific attributes and qualities that make the women from Bengali heritage so exquisite and desirable. 

7 reasons why you should have marry a Bengali girl

Her Eyes

Bengali girls, in general, have something captivating and mysterious about them. With big, round eyes, covered in kohl or kajol, as we call it, a Bengali girls’ eyes leave you enthralled on sight. The enchantment to uncover the secret in the deep dark eyes will blow you fascinated. Bengali girls seem to be living by the words of Audrey Hepburn, 

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

The Sweet Bengali Language

Everyone seems to agree on the fact that Bengali is one of the sweetest, if not the sweetest language is spoken on this earth. Even when you hear Bengali people shouting at each other on the street or television, the simple and soft pronunciation of their words makes you believe that they mustn’t be having a big disagreement. While the momentum of the fictitious disagreement is difficult to diagnose as of now, we can say for sure that when you meet a Bengali girl or spend some time with her, arguments won’t seem so drastic if she suddenly slips into a rage and starts blabbering in Bengali. Just take the moment and compliment her voice and you will sense the row dim down between you two. 

Love For Food

You will never see a Bengali girl say no to food. If she is saying no to an offer of going somewhere out to eat, take it as a clue that something is going wrong in her life and you need to give her some support. It is generally known that Bengali girls are certified, foodies. They love to cook for themselves and others, and more so often, they love to eat. If you are a foodie yourself, you will surely get your food-enthusiastic life partner in a Bengali girl. 

Loving Families

Bengali families are loving, caring, and loud. Any Bengali gathering is incomplete without little kids running around and creating chaos, older siblings running after their younger sibling to catch them, the youngins chatting within themselves about food and gossiping, the adults talking about politics, money and other range of topics and the old people always in relishing disagreement with the younger generations opinions, all the while spoiling them with sweets and cash. Bengali families love to talk and debate within themselves and share knowledge about everything in the world, they are very global in the sense that you will find them talking about Mamata Banerjee for a few minutes and then jumping on to Anthony Bourdin. If you are dating a Bengali girl or going to marry into a Bengali family, be prepared to talk a lot and brush up on every topic in the news to discuss, a Bengali adda never stops short. 

A Rich Cultural Heritage To Enjoy

Bengalis are extremely proud of their culture. Coming from a land of poets, freedom fighters, philosophers, and a socially educated general population, culture and traditions run deep in Bengalis. You might often hear from the Bengali girl you fancy, or from your Bengali girlfriend about how rich her culture and heritage are. She can sing a Rabindranath Tagore song in a single breath, and read a 500-page novel in one day. In a way, you might consider this pride in Bengali girls covered as a veil upon their cultural chauvinism, but let us self-introspect within ourselves, does the materialistic world of today really make sense when standing against a war with culture and heritage? 

Bengali Girls Read, Like A Lot

Bengali girls grow up with reading. We are given books, magazines, periodicals, and more since we are toddlers. So you can quiz your Bengali girl about anything and you will find her having a vague knowledge about that subject. We, as Bengalis, like to keep up not only with our country but with the whole world. From trivial things such as the latest movie releases to the new space rocket that Elon Musk is set to launch, your Bengali girlfriend will know a thing or two about both of them. 

Fascination With Music and Instruments

Introduction to Bengali culture through your Bengali girlfriend or crush may begin from their affinity towards music. We, as Bengalis, like to keep our cultural traditions intact so we begin learning and getting musical training from a young age. On average, every Bengali irrespective of gender knows how to play a musical instrument. So on gloomy days, you will never be bored with your Bengali partner playing their musical instrument near you while you are watching the day pass by. 

There are numerous other reasons such as Bengali girls’ unique charm, their knowledge, and more which will make you more inclined to get yourself a Bengali life partner. Keep in mind, Bengali girls do not take criticism about their culture and way of living, do not say you are not fond of reading or classical music if you are near us or within our earshot. Learn to accept and come to love the unique culture of Bengali people, so different yet intertwined with the rest of India, and learn what makes us so special in our own way. A Bengali girl is liberated, opinionated, passionate, and completely in control of her life. From Bengali festivals to traditions to gifts, they are plenty of more reasons that will make you delighted to experience the love you get from a Bengali partner and her family. 

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