Top 11 Qualities of a Good Father

A father is one of the most important person in a child’s life. A child’s mental health, well-being, behaviour, everything depends upon the involvement of the dad during their upbringing. The involvement of a father has positive effects on the child’s life. But just being there does not make a good father. A father has many duties to make sure his child has a safe and secure life. Are you wondering what those duties are? We have got your back. Here are the 11 most essential qualities that all dads must have to be an important part of their children’s lives and to give them the life that is required.

A good father must have patience

Patience is the first and the foremost thing a father must have, according to the bible. Your kids are going to test your patience almost regularly. Do not get provoked or frustrated when they ask thousands of questions. Try to answer them with patience. A kid’s nature of questioning is a good sign, and you must handle it with utmost calmness.

A good father should always spend time with his kids

It is written in the Quran that it is very important to spend some quality time with your kids. No matter how busy you are, try spending at least an hour every day with your kids. Discuss how their day was, if they succeeded on anything, or learned something new. Play with the kids, take a stroll, or a short trip to the park. Try to spend some quality time with them so that they feel your presence.

A good father should always communicate

According to the Quran, communication is mandatory. Make sure you hear your kids out. Do not ever ignore them. Make them feel like they are being heard. Always attentively hear about their needs and the hardships they are facing. Not only with the kids, try to communicate with the whole family. Not being heard can have a permanent effect on your kids’ lives.

A good father should always protect his kids

To be a good father, you need to protect your kids from their first breath to your last. considering their best interest, draw essential boundaries. Protect them from the wrongs in the world and teach them their rights. But never get over-protective. Too much of something is never good. Give them the space they need to learn to face the world.

A good father should be trustworthy

Create a wall of trust with them and provide security. Your kids must always know that no matter who betrays them, their father won’t. Never lie to them about anything. If you think it is not the right time for them to know something, wait till they come of age but never lie. They must know that you will always be there whenever they need you.

A good father should be a source of encouragement

As a father, be the source of your kids’ encouragement. Whether it’s a dance competition or a basketball match, always be present to help them gain confidence. Praise them when they succeed, but never demotivate them when they fail. Make sure that they know you believe in them. Trust me, it will make a difference. 

A good father should always respect the kids’ mother

It is always essential to respect the kids’ mothers. You must teach them to respect and obey her. This will help them learn how to respect a partner. Never argue in front of your kids. It might have a negative impact on them. Always try to be in co-ordination with their mother. It is important for a kid’s mental health.

A good father should be dependable

Always make sure that your kids know that they can depend on you. It’s the trait of a good father. Always be there for them through thick and thin. Provide them constant support when they are down. Make sure you are present in their lives consistently. It will help them have proper mental health and a happy family while growing up.

A good father should be a disciplinarian

Always discipline your kids. Teach them never to lie and never to hurt anyone physically or emotionally. Teach them to respect everyone. Be consistent in your discipline and always be firm. It is important for them to know that strictness comes from a place of love. This trait is very important for your kids to grow up to be good humans.

A good father should set an example

Always remember to set an example for your kids. Make sure they look up to you. Never do anything in front of them that makes you a bad person. Respect everyone and care for everyone to set an example for them. Think about your childhood and what it lacked so that you can redeem that mistake for them. In the end, make sure you set an example of humanity.

A good father should always be worthy of respect

According to the bible, a father should always be worthy of respect. Doing good deeds and handling different situations properly increases the respect they have for you, and it is very important. With respect comes love. Don’t do something that might lead your kids to disrespect you. Humans make mistakes, and it is obvious you will too, but always try to redeem them. 

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