6 Ways to Be Nice to Your Food Delivery Staff

Food delivery staff have come to be absolute lifesavers in recent times. During the pandemic when we were curled up in the comforts of our homes, they put their safety at stake to satisfy our hunger pangs. Often taken for granted, it was during a helpless situation like quarantine that we realized the superheroes they really are!

We as a society tend to equate people’s worth with their jobs and  treat them based on their social status. We look down on people in low-paying service jobs, invalidating their existence and robbing them of their humanity. Little do we know that our privilege rests upon the very things they do for us.

Kind people are an endangered species in today’s fast-paced world where people have zero chill and no patience to be nice. Anger has become second nature for us. When anger and hunger are combined, it turns deadly and it is often the food delivery persons who bear the brunt of this explosive combination.

But being ‘’Hangry’’ doesn’t give you the right to treat people badly. We are all battling our own demons and being kind to each other is the bare minimum we can do.

It is high-time that we realize that every job has its dignity and every human being is created equal and deserves respect. Treat them like you want to be treated. Ever since the pandemic, people have been increasingly losing jobs, with a  lot of them forced to take up jobs as food delivery staff and cab drivers for their survival. Fate can be a terrible thing, taking a complete U-turn and making us take paths we little imagined.

Here are a few ways that you can show some love to your delivery personnel and not be a terrible person.

1. Be Empathetic

Delivery persons often become punching bags to vent out our frustration about things that are beyond their control. We are quick to burst out on them for delays without considering the several factors that may play a spoilsport in timely delivery. Sometimes it could be traffic, at other times, it could be delays from the end of the restaurant. We need to put ourselves in their shoes and understand their reasons.

2. Respect Their Time

Already overburdened with multiple deliveries and long hours of work, making them wait is disrespectful and rude. You can easily track them on your phone and hence get ready for pick-up when they are nearing your location. Be prompt in collecting your order and provide clear instructions about your location, so that they don’t have to expend their valuable time and effort in looking for you.

3. Tip Them Generously

We ritualistically tip waiters in restaurants but overlook it when it comes to food delivery, despite the fact that delivery staff expend far more effort than a waiter in delivering your food. They work round the clock tirelessly, in scorching heat and torrential rains and still remain underpaid. Every amount counts and what you consider a meagre sum may make a huge difference to them. So, make sure that you never miss an opportunity to put a smile on their face for their relentless services.

4. Provide Positive Ratings

Just like how you’re prompt in negatively rating a bad delivery experience, be equally enthusiastic about voicing your appreciation for a satisfying delivery. Not only will it add to the person’s job satisfaction, but also motivate them to do their best. Positive ratings tend to increase their demand, which reflects in them getting paid better. Kindness is rare and we should take every opportunity to be kind and also appreciate others’ kindness.

5. Don’t Ask For Favors

Delivery staff have a well-defined job that they are paid for. Bogging them down with additional demands is not acceptable. So, don’t ask them to buy extra items that fall outside the limits of your order, and certainly don’t ask them for lifts as these don’t fall in their line of duty. You wouldn’t ask your dentist to do your heart transplant. Similarly, allow the delivery personnel to stick to their jobs.

6. Contact Customer Care For Grievances

In case of complaints regarding food and delivery, refrain from putting up a fight with the delivery staff. Instead, voice your complaints through customer care services to arrive at an amicable resolution. This will prevent things from blowing up and also avoid any cases of smashed noses and large scale embarrassment.

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