Top 8 Most Beautiful Russian Actresses in 2022

Artists, writers and Russian ladies are among the many things that make Russia renowned, including its distinctive operas, theatres and ballets that are almost decades old. Russia’s alluring actresses carve out a place in the hearts of their fans, not just in their own nation, but throughout the world!

Here we explore the TOP 8 MOST BEAUTIFUL RUSSIAN ACTRESSES of all time to bless your minds with their exuberant charm!

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Born in the dynamic and cold capital of Russia, Moscow. Svetlana Khodchenkova is one of the most well-known Russian actresses in the world with a fan base. She is now the most valued celebrity in the film industry, owing to her appearances in Russian, Hollywood, and British films, among others that were received with much appreciation. Wolverine was launched on globe wide silver screens a few time after her debut, causing her popularity to explode into the blunt sky of fame.

Yuliya Snigir

One of the most successful Russian actresses on our list is none other than, Yuliya Snigir, who is yet another example of the Russian glamour trend that has gripped the industry in its hold. As a Russian actress, she is known for her historical drama roles based in her home turf, Russia, whereas in Western films, she prefers action and thrilling roles. Die Hard 5 is one of her best-known films that skyrocketed her through the roof. Years of development and skill enhancing have paid off for her thanks to her modelling expertise and impeccable command of the English language which has managed to help her make a place for herself in the film industry.

Elena Korikova

A deserving spot on our list goes to the renowned Elena Korikova who in addition to her work as an actor in theatre and film, also hosts television shows in Russia that have a fan following unlike any. Her most well-known role in the Bednaya Nastya television series is considered a cult in Russia. In the eyes of many, Korikova is one of Russia’s most attractive women to have ever graced the silver screen. Her Siberian heritage may have contributed to Elena’s success and by all means her icy and dynamic looks. The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography awarded Korikova an undergraduate degree in 1995 in Cinematography studies and Theatrics.

Kristina Asmus

Kristina Asmus is a well-known actress in Russia who enjoys global recognition for her work all throughout Russia and some parts of the world. She was 17 when she enrolled in the Moscow Art Theatre School, and her professional career began around the year 2010. The Fashion People Award was also bestowed to her in 2013 adding to the popularity over the years. In light of her extensive experience in this field, she can be regarded as one of Russia’s most talented actresses and her fans swear by it!

Evgenia Brik

It’s no secret to fans and connoisseurs of Russian cinema that Evgenia Brik is a popular actress and a star who is best acknowledged for her role in the Belgian series Matroesjka’s which swept the audience of Eastern Europe like a tide. However, it was Marsh Turetskogo, her debut film in 2000 that opened a million doors for her which paved the way for her film, Moscow Never Sleeps which is one of Evgeniya’s best works till date.

Nastasya Samburskaya

Her dynamic character in the popular Russian TV series Univer made her a household name in every word of her fans that is quite the testament to her renowned work and alluring beauty. Aside from her work as a TV host, she has appeared in numerous films and television shows that are widely loved. She was previously totally disinterested in acting, but eventually decided to attend college at the Russian University of Theatre Arts in the former capital of St. Petersburg which ignited her hidden actor, and subsequently the following year, Polina joined a theatre group to express her new found talent to an audience.

Lyanka Gryu

Among the Russian film industry’s stars, Lyanka is such a well-recognised name that almost every film enthusiast has her name at the tip of his tongue. Her films have a huge following and are typically well regarded by reviewers. Attributed to the reason that both of her parents were also well actors, she had a distinct advantage of an already set background. The first time Lyanka was seen in a movie was by accident, as a child actor when she was merely four years old! Following the release of The Three Musketeers, Lyanka became one of the most popular young Russian actresses and her popularity knew no bounds.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Elizaveta Boyarskaya may have surpassed all other Russian actresses in terms of the broad scope of her acting skills and talent. Film and television roles in You Will Not Leave Me made her a superstar overnight. She had extensive theatre experience prior to that, having attended the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy for several years which polished this diamond to a crisp shine.

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