Best 5 Side by Side Door Refrigerators with Water & Ice Dispenser

Side by side door refrigerators give you a more spacious interior to accommodate extra foods and beverages. It also lets you avail more space in the freezer section. So for a family of 5 to 6 members, where a double-door or single-door refrigerator would not be sufficient, a side-by-side door refrigerator will be a good choice for them. The side-by-side door refrigerators come with many advanced technologies and cooling systems that will never disappoint you with their cooling process. 

But as we have multiple products in the market, therefore while having the right product there are some specific points that you should know.

Cooling Technologies: Along with being advanced, the side-by-side door refrigerators are known for their advanced cooling technologies. So, it should have cooling technologies like, shower cooling, multiple air vent cooling, and the other similar ones.

Inverter technology: The side-by-side refrigerators consume more electricity than any other refrigerator types as they are bigger in size. So, the inverter technology helps them to consume less electricity.

Water & Ice Dispenser: This feature is a very useful one. With a water and ice dispenser in your refrigerator you can get ice and water without opening your refrigerator.

Multiple Sections: The speciality with these refrigerators is that you can properly organise your foods in them. For this reason, you should notice the number of shelves and also the shelf quality.

Price: The price of the side-by-side door refrigerators are generally higher. In this case, to get a good product you have to raise your price bar. Otherwise you will not get a better product.

Brand: Brand is another factor that you need to notice. With a good brand you will get better quality assurance, you should always go with a reputed brand.

Warranty: With a good brand you will always get a better warranty. So, these two factors are interrelated. 

Overall Quality: The overall quality of the product depends on the build quality, features, ease of usage, price and all other features. Try to have all these factors in your product to get a refrigerator with an overall great quality.

While making our list we try that all the products are on point with all these factors and try to make a list that will be beneficial for all.

Top 5 Side by Side Door Refrigerators in India 2021

Samsung 700L Side-by-side door refrigerator

The unique Space max technology is a type of internal design that gives extra space to this refrigerator. Along with that it has the All round cooling technology which gives overall cooling. With its DIT compressor it consumes 50% less electricity. As an addition to that the inverter technology in this product helps you to save electricity.

Haier 657 L Side-by-side door refrigerator

As it has a twin inverter technology, there is a  lesser potential of power consumption. The PUF insulation technology is included for better cooling retention. The Super fast and Super freeze feature is good for faster ice making and faster cooling. It has a unique program called the holiday mode. In this mode the refrigerator adapts the cooling to its lowest to save power. So, despite being a side by side door refrigerator, it has features that make it energy efficient.

AmazonBasics 564 L Side-by-side door refrigerator

We know that opening the refrigerator door repeatedly is a way of energy wastage. But here the water dispenser gets you rid of this issue. It has a multi airflow cooling and quick freezer feature for efficient refrigeration. The capacity can serve a family with 5 or more members.

LG 687 L Side-by-side door refrigerator

A Multi digital sensor monitor is a special addition you can avail with this refrigerator. With the help of this feature the refrigerator can measure the outside temperature of the refrigerator and adapt the interior cooling needs accordingly. The smart diagnosis feature is another thing that helps in detecting and solving problems. With a linear inverter compressor it saves energy.

Panasonic 584 L Side-by-side door refrigerator

With an intelligent inverter compressor you are ready to save energy,  get more durability and a comparatively lesser noise production. It has a double vegetable box to hold more vegetables. The triple twist ice tray helps you to remove ice easily and for better durability, you have a 1 year warranty on the product and a 10 years warranty on the compressor.

With these products we tried to make a list that can have all the beneficial features. While you go through these descriptions, try to mark the features that are beneficial for you and choose the right one.

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