10 Tips: How to increase the speed of your smartphone?

Mobile phones are, without any doubt, the most used gadget in today’s era. Be it sending a simple message, receiving a call or capturing the best moments of our life, we use smartphones every day. A brand new phone works super fast but soon, most of the mobile devices start slowing down in 1 or 2 years. In the majority of cases, the main reason is either insufficient RAM or storage. In a world where speed matters, it becomes very annoying when the phone lags. But fret not, we are here to take you out of this problem. Read on to find 10 tips on how you can increase the speed of your mobile phones.

1. Close Apps running in the background if not needed

Apps running in the background consume a part of your processor and RAM. It then slows down the phone as the processor works to keep active that app running in the background. So, if you aren’t using an app, swipe it off from the background by going to the Recent Apps Tab. This will free your processor and you won’t face any lags in the other apps which you are using.

2. Stop using dynamic wallpapers with animations

Dynamic wallpapers mean those wallpapers which are filled with animations. Avoid using such wallpapers and themes as they consume a substantial part of processors and slow down the apps. Instead, use simple, static wallpapers. Moreover, in general too, do not use lots of animations on your device.

3. Clear storage by deleting unnecessary files

Piling up more than necessary files & apps in the mobile phone reduces free space which leads to poor performance of smartphones. So, always try to clean junk files on the phone and clear the browser’s cache. Also, you have the option of uploading your photos to Google Photos and keeping your phone’s storage free. Once uploaded to Google Drive through Google Photos, you can access your photos and videos anytime, anywhere on any device connected to the same account.

4. Uninstall unnecessary apps

We tend to install lots of apps on our mobile phones- even those apps which we use very little, like once a month. In such a case, try uninstalling those apps. If you have 2 or more apps that work the same like if you have 2 or more video players or browsers, consider uninstalling all alternatives and keeping just one app instead. Moreover, consider removing apps that consume too much storage and RAM. For example, Snapchat occupies more space than other social media apps and slows down your phone.

5. Use lite versions of apps if you have low RAM

If you have less RAM in your phone, like 2 GB or 3 GB, then consider using the Lite version of apps you use. If you are on too many social media sites and use too many apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, then install lite versions of these apps. Lite Apps has a few less features but works the same and saves space on your phone.

6. Restart your phone frequently

Restarting your phone gives it a fresh, new start. It is like waking up after a short nap. Restart your phone at least once a week as it will remove all the cluttered junk and clear the RAM. Also, most of the smartphones have an Auto-restart or Scheduled power on/off feature. Just go to the Settings and turn on this feature and your phone will self-reboot at the set time

7. Update Apps on your phone

Apps on the smartphone need to be updated at regular intervals as it ensures protection from virus and malware attacks. You can update apps from the Play Store (if you use an Android Phone) or App Store (if you use an iPhone). Alternatively, if you have Wifi, turn on the Auto-update option as it will update apps automatically.

8. Keep device software updated

Device Manufacturers often release security updates for mobile software. This is a critical security measure as it keeps the software in the phone updated and protects it from virus attacks. Using the latest version of the software is, thus, very important. You can update your smartphone by going to Settings and searching for Update. 

Note: Downloading and installing software updates take up considerable data and time, so make sure to keep the phone on charge and use Wifi if possible. Also, if the update includes conversion into a new 

9. Avoid installing Cleaner Apps

Cleaner apps were once claimed as the best app for cleaning junk files and boosting the speed of smartphones. But with time, everyone realized how these Cleaner Apps were actually accessing unauthorised data which, instead of increasing the speed, were reducing the speed. If you want to clear your storage, go to the Files App on the phone or the Storage option in Settings, and clear junk files.

10. Factory Reset your Phone

If you keep facing lags in your smartphone even after following all these processes, then the last resort you have is- Hard reset your smartphone. But remember, this will also erase all the data (files, photos, apps, everything), so save all your important files on external storage before factory resetting your phone. 

If you are still facing any issues, or if you applied some other trick to increase the speed of your phone, let us know in the comments section below!

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