Top 9 Incompetent Presidents in The World in 2022

The world has to deal with some leaders, who are very infamous for their doings. Apparently, their moral authority and administrative skills can bring a crisis to the country. They are better known for failures and negative impressions rather than their good doings. Here are some worst presidents and the reason why they are mentioned here:

Xi Jinping of China

China’s president is often described as a dictator/authoritarian leader. The citizens of his own country dislike him due to lack of freedom and for human rights violations. He also mistreated Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. It is very obvious that Chinese people have been less in touch with the rest of the world, as he does not believe in globalization. He is also disliked for his country’s unfair trading practices and demanding proprietary details about companies that do business in China.

Joe Biden of USA

He is no new to Afghan Politics. The way he withdrew his troops from Afghanistan, leaving innocent Afghans to deal with a terror group called Taliban is so cruel. After being in Afghanistan since 2001, suddenly he ordered the departure of his troops. This is raising questions about Biden’s approach to the conflict.

Vladimir Putin of Russia

He has ruled Russia for many years since 2000, just like Joseph Stalin. He has changed the government structure and political system, for his own personal benefits and to ensure that he could stay in power forever – just like China’s Xi Jinping. In such a long journey, he has made many enemies and caused unspoken miseries. He launched the second Chechen war, the attack on Georgia and the takeover of Crimea. He is also an ex-KGB spy and had failed to take responsibility of his horrendous past. 

Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey

To ensure his success, the Turkish President has converted Turkey into a lab of political Islam since 2003. He has also changed the entire education system which is now dominated by political Islam and goes against the ethics of traditional Turkish culture. He wants the next generation to follow and carry forward his set of agendas. Since he came in power, the number of these kind of schools has increased rapidly, taking it from 450 to 5000. However, these schools serve no purpose except brainwash the students and leave them with no skill sets, no scientific knowledge and eventually leading them no jobs in the real world. Many students themselves have regretted the decision of joining such schools. 

Kim Jong Un of North Korea

The North Korea’s Supreme Leader who took over after his father died in 2011, has done so many cruel things under his military rule. He has ordered hundreds of executions and even his family are also not spared from this merciless rule. As his half-brother Kim Jong-nam was killed with VX nerve gas in the middle of a public airport. He ordered to kill his defense minister, Hyon Yong-Chol, because he committed the crime of falling asleep at a meeting. Even minors who disrespect laws are sent to harsh labor camps. He has been sanctioned multiple times by the UN. 

Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela

The former bus driver is slowly changing the country from democracy to authoritarian rule. The country has severe shortages of basic goods, including food and medicine. Those problems have made Venezuelans to demand his resignation. Even the Trump administration says that Mr. Maduro is running a “devastating dictatorship”. Despite the hatred from within and outside Venezuela, he still holds power there.

Bashar al-Assad of Syria

Some say it is because of this Syrian leader, that there is room for terror in Islamic states. According to UN, at least 191,000 people were confirmed killed in Syria. More than 8,800 deaths were of children under the age of 10. And these are just “confirmed” numbers. His army uses chemical bombs in densely populated areas, resulting in the death of numerous civilians and destruction of the city’s infrastructure. He also targets journalists. According to ‘Reporters without Borders’ (RSF), “Syria is the world’s most dangerous country for journalists.”

Ebrahim Raisi of Iran

Iran’s president is accused of many crimes against humanity, especially the execution of 5000 political prisoners in 1998. He has never commented on these allegations. It is believed that he does not leave his country due to fear and being answerable of these executions. Iran expert and non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, Holly Dagres says that “Iran is becoming more and more repressive, because of a President who already had blood on his hands. Things are going in a darker direction.” She also added that “Iran is heading in a North Korea-like direction of isolation. Iran has just two friends in the international community [Russia and China] and the path it’s choosing is definitely not a good one.”

Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus

He himself has named Adolf Hitler as his role model for his presidential system and he refuses to take the quote back. His security forces have killed many anti-government protestors. He is also a misogynist. Once he said that society is not mature enough to vote for a woman and referring specifically to a female politician called Tsikanouskaya that “she just cooked a tasty cutlet, maybe fed the children, and the cutlet smelled nice. And now there’s supposed to be a debate about some issues”. The burden of the presidency would “collapse her, poor thing”.

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