10 Enlightening Information About Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Har Har Mahadev! The Good in you is where God resides! Shiva, the omnipotent Lord who created the Universe in his serene meditation the one who is the consort of the supreme mother goddess the Adishakti- Parashakti, the one who is pleased so easily also the one whose rage and anger can destroy the entire universe.

The benevolent father can’t withstand the pain and sufferings of his devotees, he loves his children more than his life even more than his cosmic powers, for us he drank the venomous poison for which he is worshipped with the name of Neelkanth, the one for whom every devotee is a child be it a human-like Rishi Markandeya, the Supreme gods and goddesses, also demon like the mighty Ravana- The eternal worshipper of Lord Shiva.

Amazing and wonderful realities of Lord Shiva—

1. Shiva is worshipped in lingam form

The vast universe, the vast oceans, the vast sky, nature herself even can’t stop her from not getting drowned in his mystics. The Unity which brought the extreme diversities in nature for which there are so many creations to the extent to which a human eye can venture and even beyond is Shiva. Lingam the most auspicious symbol of unity, the holy form of the Lord, which the world worships. The manifestation of the supreme lord where the divine consciousness is awakened is the Shiv Lingam.

2. Shiva is time himself

Shiva is Mahakaal – the creator of the joyful infinite flow of energy called time and all of us are part of the eternal time –Kaal. Time fastens the strings with such care and compassion which in turn binds the many journeys of life in a circle of generous unity persuaded by the cosmic vibrations of the lord himself. No one knows from when he is present yet his presence is felt everywhere, with every object we see everything we touch to the very soul & body of us it’s His creation. With age we slow down with dropping energy levels that’s when our time comes to an end.

3. Shiva the Adipati of the five elements of Nature

We reside deep in the womb of Nature where from the beginning of life we are sensitive and emotional to light – day and night, color – the phenomenon of each object, sound – behavior, and situation, also the various celestial bodies the Sun, the moon and the stars.

Five elements of Nature in Sanskrit are known as Pancha Bhootam – the lord conducting the sensations & functions of these elements is Lord Shiva. After learning all this if you get excited to know where you can find the unusual formations of Lord.

here are the places –

  • In Thiruvannamalai Lord Shiva is in Agni Lingam form – which is Fire, the name of the temple is Arunachaleshwara Temple.
  • In Kanchipuram Shiva is in the form of Prithvi lingam which is – Earth, the name of the temple is Ekambareswarar Temple.
  • In Thiruvanaikaval, Shiva is in Appu Lingam also called Jambu Lingam which is – Water the name of the temple is Jambukeswarar Temple.
  • In Kalahasti, Andhra Pradesh Shiva is in the form of Vayu Lingam which is – Air and the name of the temple is Kalahasti Temple.
  • In Chidambaram Shiva is in the form of Aagaya Lingam which is also called Akash Lingam which signifies – Space and the name of the temple is Thillai Natarajar Temple.

These Temples in Sanskrit are known as Pancha Bhoota Stalam the eminent Poet Rabindranath Tagore fabricated his deep thoughts and understandings in his book called – Pancha Bhoota.

4. Shiva the Adiyogi

Yoga means union. Shiva the Adiyogi is the first Sage who brought to light the various forms of yoga. He is the great teacher of the Seven Sages – Saptarishi who were Agastya, Atri, Bharadwaja, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vashistha, and Vishvamitra. Adiyogi the First yogi who is the originator of yoga formed various postures through which now the world is gifted with the Yogic Culture. The process of yoga endures one with the powers of mental stability, confidence, greater mind and body coordination, which helps in living life free from diseases.

5. Shiva the Dakshinamoorthy

The word Dakshinamoorthy in Sanskrit means ‘the one who is facing the south’; Shiva the beloved Adiguru in this form is the Guru – the teacher of serene cosmic ocean of wisdom who has the keys to explicit knowledge and information in yoga, music, liberation and the Vedic Shastras. The Lord who educates the world with the powers of meditation, opening the gates to salvation which is eternal peace. The Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain is one of the twelve jyotirlinga which depicts Lord Dakshinamurthy .

6. Shiva the Passionate lover

‘When there is simplicity love is infinity’ – Soham Sai. The quotation fairly suits the character of the divine lord who simply accepts whatever his disciples bring him, he even accepted his first wife Sati’s wish to visit her father’s house Prajapati Daksha even when he knew the consequences will turn grave.

7. Shiva the Nataraja

The guru of NatyaShastra, the cosmic dancer representing Tandava the dance of both creation and destruction. The God who is so powerful to balance the two ends of life in his hands is the divine nectar of knowledge which is beyond human comprehension. Releasing oneself from the threads of illusion where there is cosmic awareness with equal consciousness to ignore negative unpleasing thoughts brings the significance of the form of the Lord.

8. Shaivism

Among the four major branches of Hindu sects, one of the major sects is known as Shaivism. The followers believe Shiva to be the supreme soul of consciousness, who is the creator as well as the destroyer. The absolute reality of life.

9. Shiva Beyond the Indian Culture

Shiva is known by the name Batara guru by the Shaivism of Indonesia which means benevolent spiritual teacher follows the Dakshinamoorthy aspects of Shiva. In the contemporary world, Shiva is depicted in many films, books, tattoos, and other artistic ventures. He is celebrated as the ‘cool god’ of all time.

10. Om Namah Shivay

It is the five syllables maha mantra by the virtue of which one can attain power, peace, prosperity, along with the divine enlightenment of consciousness and awareness of the soul, body, and mind. Five has a special significance and is a very sacred number for Shiva.

My Thoughts:

I get a bit emotional when I start writing about this Godly man with whom I don’t have any god-disciple relation, he is my father my eternal friend who makes me feel the most pampered child, I never heard him speak yet I could feel his presence sometimes he just puts me into too much worse situation then himself sorts it out making me learn lessons which are indeed right for me.

Sometimes I scream at him telling him why the heck my life is like this then the next moment he eases me with incidents which are logical in life making me believe that whatever happens in life is for a reason and is for good only.

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