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Top 10 Free Anime Streaming Websites

The love for Japanese pop culture is growing all around the world, especially for ‘Anime’. And there are countless websites devoted to them. While browsing them, you’ll come across different genres like action, fantasy, romantic-comedy, drama and horror. Many sites will give you the choice of selecting season, year, quality, and language too. So, here are some handpicked list of Top Anime Websites which you should give a try!


Crunchyroll is a very popular site that offers both free and premium services. But the free version’s video quality is not in HD and has advertisements. The site is highly recommended for all anime lovers, as it is safe and legal. Some famous anime like Naruto Shippuden, ReLife, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Noblesse are available here. Subtitles are available for every show, but some of them are dubbed too.


This website offers much more than just anime. Here you can read manga and news related to the latest anime shows, games, movies, and more. And it doesn’t even require subscription or signing up. Some famous anime you can stream here are Pokemon, Hikari: Be My Light, Naruto, etc.

Tubi TV

Along with anime, it offers mainstream TV shows and movies too. But it doesn’t mean it has less number of anime. It has a good collection of famous titles like Street Fighters, Jin-Roh, Yukikaze, and more. The video resolution is excellent in it which reaches up to 720p.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is different from other websites, because it airs anime just like a cable TV does. You can choose one of many channels and watch anime online, but you cannot skip the episodes. You’ll have to watch according to it’s fixed timings, just like the earlier times. However, you can watch popular anime like One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh in here.


Crunchyroll’s competitor, Funimation offers both free and paid services. The paid one has the benefit of high resolution streaming and no ads. This site focuses more on dubbed versions rather than subbed versions of anime. It can be accessed both on Android and iOS devices. Some famous anime you can stream here are Assassination Classroom, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, And etc.


You can find both the latest and old classic anime here. The site has well organised features like Watch List, Recently Added, New Seasons, etc. And it doesn’t require signing up! You can watch your favorites in ultra HD quality without even paying for it!

Retro Crush

As the name suggests, the website has a classic, good collection of retro anime from the 80s. Some popular ones you can find here are Great Teacher Onizuka, Lupin the Third, and etc. The collection is so cool and definitely worth watching! 

Anime Frenzy

This is a well known website among anime lovers. It is a well built site with features like auto-play option and speed control. And not only streaming, you can download the anime too!


You can stream both subbed and dubbed anime here. However, the only problem is you may face some troublesome ads. But it has very well-maintained categories like genres, year, language, country, etc. And you’ll get notifications after each episode of your favorite anime is dropped!

Anime Freak

This one doesn’t need sign up and is easy to use! But it’s more likely a blog site, because you’ll also get the latest information related to Anime and TV Shows. You’ll be aware of all the updates regarding your favorite shows!

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