Top 10 Vedic Astrology Apps in 2022

Growing up in an Indian household you will have of course wondered if ‘Jyotish-shastra’ (Vedic astrology) really yields results. If you are one of the few people who have shown interest in this Indian Hindu tradition, you will surely have searched on the internet for astrologers or astrology websites that can help you determine the set course of your life. So, to help you with your journey to be acquainted with this age old Vedic tradition, we have prepared for you a list of the best astrology apps-

Astrology zone

Owned by renowned American astrologer Susan Miller, Astrology zone is a website and mobile app that caters to your astrological needs. This app provides a free version for the user with access to Miller’s monthly horoscope readings as well as a brief daily reading of the 12 signs while premium users have unlimited access to a more detailed weekly horoscope reading that is released every Sunday and also to Miller’s essays explaining the nuances of her art.

Daily Horoscope

It is an app that is available for both android and iOS mobile platforms and provides its users with daily horoscopes and also personality guides for each sign. They also provide a compatibility guide for you to judge the compatibility between two or more signs. Daily Horoscope users can even set reminders for themselves to remind them to check their daily readings, in case they forget.

Time Nomad

Time Nomad is more of an astrology teaching app rather than one where you go to find your own readings. This app helps in tracking planetary movements and the real time placement of asteroids and minor bodies for ease of the user and can also be used if you want to analyze birth charts. The app also helps you take weekly astrology lessons and sends you pop up notifications for future predictions on a weekly basis.


It is a free astrology app which is very convenient to use because it provides an ad free user experience and is also very personalized and user friendly in nature. It uses data accumulated from professional astrologers and even NASA to provide you with personalized horoscopes and it can also be used to track planetary and star movements in real time, if needed. They also have a feature that allows you to keep track of your friend’s or even lover’s horoscope if you want.


It is an app which is fairly popular and helps you keep track of your horoscopes for every sphere of your life including your career, social life, love life and well being. The app also provides services if you want to chat with experienced and professional psychics to have a better understanding of the charts. You can also upgrade to an ad free experience for a small price of $2.99.

Chaturanga Astrology

It is an app that is completely based on the vedic zodiac system and can help you get personalized fortune telling and horoscope study using accurate data based on an age old tradition. The app can also prove useful if you want answers to some of the most pressing life questions. It also helps you set up personalized chats with professional astrologers if required.

The Pattern

It is an app that provides the users with an easy to use interface, that too cost free. It is sort of a social networking app which also enables its users to connect with their peers to have a healthier understanding of the art of Astrology. You can also receive astrology readings and compatibility charts for romantic relationships along with the existing information about weekly astrology updates and much more.

Time Passages

This app provides its users with an extensive glossary along detailed charts that help you delve deep into the understanding of the meaning behind your star signs. While the free version of the app provides you with tailored daily horoscopes, additional purchases help you learn and discover much more of your true potential through personalized study of the planets and stars.


This app provides access to on-demand astrologers who communicate via chat to help solve your problems at minimal costs along with basic features that is shared among the other apps on this list. It has a fun user experience, providing ample jokes, GIFs and emojis to keep things interesting.

Daily Horoscope Plus

It is a free app that provides you with yearly, monthly and even daily horoscope readings while also having a special feature that enables you to compare your horoscope with your favourite celebrities! The app also provides other services such as numerology and tarot reading.

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