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Best shoes for operating room

A surgeon and his staff can at times spend hours over hours in the operating room. This is a tedious part of the job but very important as well. 

To support these long and stressful hours, the best shoes are needed. To not only keep your feet relaxed after a long surgery but also to maintain a comfortable and protective environment for your feet during the whole day.

What does a good operating room shoe must have?

The profession of a healthcare professional is completely different from any other job and hence any normal shoe cannot provide what a good operating room shoe must provide. But what exactly does it need to provide? Here’s your answer.


This is one of those things that is a constant for any kind of shoe. The long hours of your job are in majority spent with you on your feet. To protect you from fatigue and injury from these long hours you need a comfortable shoe. Especially one with ample room to wiggle your toes.


The last thing you want during a surgery is to worry about your shoes being worn out. A durable shoe will not only last long but will also protect your feet for even longer. It’ll be the best return on your investment if it lasts for a long time.


Long standing hours in a dis-infected room can be a sweaty experience especially for your feet. The shoe needs to be able to circulate air inside your feet to make sure your feet don’t get numb or all wet during your shift to maintain a comfortable experience.


The shoes need to be flexible to help you in the walking aspect of your job. A flexible shoe helps you be quick while also being comfortable.

Now that we know what our shoes must have, Here’s a list of the best shoes for the operating room.

Which are the 5 Best shoes for Operating Room?

Crocs Bistro Clog

Made out of 100% synthetic which lets it provide the perfect longevity while giving its wearer the comfort they deserve. The use of synthetic material also lets it stay lightweight while being durable. 

The shoes are made with hospitality in mind so they serve all the purpose a healthcare related shoe needs to fulfill. It’s a uni-sex shoe so anyone can enjoy the benefits it provides. 

The slip-resistant treads in the shoe allows you to freely run for any emergency without worrying about slipping or falling. 

They are super easy to clean as a simple rinsing with soap and water does the trick. The material used also provides for quick drying.

Birkenstock Professional

Birkenstock shoes have been manufactured in Germany since 1774. That’s more than 2 centuries worth of experience in this field which helps them give you the very best which is available. 

The signature footbed of this birkenstock shoe enables the body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot, decreasing stress on any particular point. The shoe molds to your foot. 

They are rugged as compared to any shoe on this list but still very comfortable. The material repels water, dirt and stains providing for an easy to clean experience.

It doesn’t have a shoelace and provides an easy slip-on design for those in a hurry. The slip on design is accompanied with a sleek design which uses material of superior quality.


Crafted with a breathable mesh to ensure a sweat free experience for your foot. Its slip on design provides for easy and quick wearability while also ensuring a great fit. Their rugged form makes them highly durable while their sole makes them highly comfortable.

The flexible arch prevents the wearer from getting any feet or back related fatigues. They also have air cushioning to give a comfortable walking experience.

Crocs specialist Ii Clog

Compared to other Crocs, this model has a bigger fit for feet. This is designed with the healthcare sector in mind which resulted in the thicker toe design which prevents from all kinds of spills. 

They are lightweight while providing enough traction and superb comfort even in the intense work days. They have enhanced support for your archs. These are also super easy to clean.


The sole is made out of synthetic material while the rest is made out of 100% leather. The toe box is reinforced with thermoplastic but still provides for enough room to wiggle your toe. This makes the shoe super comfortable while also protective. The solid toe box design ensures that it won’t shrink over time.

Fitted with a memory foam footbed which provides the ultimate comfort though it isn’t removable. Padded instep collar ensures comfort while walking as well.


Make sure to get a shoe that allows ventilation for nobody wants their feet wet inside their shoe, prioritize comfort over value and make sure to check the fit before making the purchase. Feel free to explore any option on your own, taking inspiration from our list.

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