Need to Apologize to Your Boyfriend? Here Is a List of Bollywood Songs to Help You

‘Sorrys’ are always meaningful. And it becomes more meaningful when you add something a little extra to show your efforts and the amount of love you have in your heart for them.

Maybe you had a silly fight, or you were in the wrong in a way, or even it was just something petty, there’s only one way to sort things out. And that is by apologizing. And the most romantic way in which you can apologize is by dedicating the perfect Bollywood song to your special someone.

We’ve made the perfect playlist for you so that you can apologize to your boyfriend. But there’s not just breakup songs in this list. We’ve got some apologetic tunes as well. Keep reading the article for the full list!

Elasika Gupta

Being a BA graduate with a humanities background has gifted me with the ability to understand the society at large with a wider scope of vision. This background also helped me better understand the lifestyle of people of the current generation. I let out that understanding in my articles covering all the topics related to lifestyle, entertainment and society in general. I aim for my words to be in synonym with the society and the lifestyle of the people and hence work towards it. I am also a YouTuber.

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