Best 10 English Songs to Dedicate to Your Crush

Having a crush for once is what might be called one of the most intense feelings you can have for an individual. The daydreams, the occasional glances, the unforeseen random encounters with him/her always end up giving you butterflies in your stomach and you cannot help but imagine a future with them. 

And as we all know music is the gateway to the heart and therefore there will always be a few songs that will instantly take you to the land of imagination, where you fantasize and dream of your crush. There’s always a few good songs devoid of genre and era that will always remind you of that special someone, your crush. 

While it is an indescribable feeling to dream about him/her while listening to this playlist, it can also be an amazing idea to create a playlist for them as a gift which will act as a message of love making them realize how you think of them every time one of these songs are played. 

So here is a list of 10 songs that can be dedicated to your crush in English

  1. Welcome to Wonderland (Anson Saebra)
  2. Call me (your name (The Weekend)
  3. Into You (Ariana Grande)
  4. Treat you Better (Shawn Mendes)
  5. Damn I wish I was your lover (Sophie B Hawkins)
  6. Can I be Him (James Arthur)
  7. I like me better (Lauv)
  8. I still Know you (Jacob Lee)
  9. You Belong with me (Taylor Swift)
  10. Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)
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