Best 5 Double Door Refrigerators

If your food storage needs are not being satisfied anymore with a small single-door refrigerator then you must choose a good double-door refrigerator. They come with more space and two different sections. So, you can get more space in the freezer part. If you feel that finding a suitable thing would not be easy for you, then you can check the list that we have provided below. 

But before you get it to the list we have some specific points to discuss that you should notice before getting the product.

Freezer Dimension: The freezer dimension depends on your food habits. If you eat frozen foods very often then you should take a refrigerator that comes with the bigger freezer section.

Cooling Technologies: The new double door refrigerators have many new cooling technologies like door cooling, multiple air vent cooling, cool shower technology and many more. You can see these features in your product.

Shelves: The shelves in Your refrigerator should be made with toughened glass material. The crisper size should also be large so that you can accommodate more vegetables.

Overall features: The overall feature of your product depends on its functionalities and performance. You can read the product descriptions carefully and decide whether it will be good for your usage or not.

Warranty: The refrigerators come with a warranty period of maximum 1 to 2 years along with a 10 years warranty on the compressor. So you should also check that your product comes with this much warranty period.

Customer Ratings: Customer ratings are another vital part. If you are following our list then you don’t have to bother about this point as we always check the customer ratings before including a product into our list.

Brand: A good brand always delivers a better product for the sake of their brand value. So if you choose a product from a reputed brand it will benefit you more.

Energy Star Ratings: Energy star ratings let you save more on your electricity bills when you run your refrigerator. So if you choose a product that has 3 to 5 energy stars then it will be beneficial for you. In our product list we try to include products that have more BEE energy ratings.

So these are the key factors that one may pay attention to while choosing a product. As we maintain these key elements while making our list therefore we think if you choose a product from our list it would not be disappointing for you.

5 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India 2021

Samsung 324L (3 stars)

As you are getting 3 energy stars in this refrigerator therefore you have a better scope to save power. It has a twin cool plus technology that gives faster cooling. Along with faster cooling it has a fast freezing feature as well. A consumer who needs to use the fridge and freezer part equally will be able to utilize the refrigerator properly.

Whirlpool 265L (3 stars)

With the convertible option this refrigerator lets you use different modes according to your cooling needs. It can keep your vegetables fresh for up to 15 days with its intelligence cooling technology. With a 3 star energy rating and home inverter compatibility, this one is not convenient and energy profitable at the same time.

Godrej 350L (4 stars)

Not only features but also a beautiful look is an additional specialty of this refrigerator. It has an inverter compressor that can adapt the cooling according to the interior needs. Therefore the combination of inverter technology and 4 star energy ratings results in better power savings.

LG 335L (3 stars)

The door cooling feature is a rarely seen cooling technology that you have been benefited with in this product. This feature helps chilling the food situated in the front panel. It also gives chilling to the food that you store in your door shelves. The best part with this refrigerator is that you can connect it with your home inverter when there is a power cut.

Higher 258L (3 stars)

Along with a 3 star energy rating, this Haier refrigerator has a twin inverter technology. A bigger vegetable box is also there for more accommodation than the usual double door refrigerators. Its shelves are made with toughened glass and you can operate them without a stabilizer to safeguard voltage fluctuations.

So these are the products that we have included in our list keeping all the criteria in our mind. If you feel that you need a product from a reputed brand with all the beneficial features then you can choose any of the above.

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