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Best Drinking games for adults

Games are fun but that was childhood and this is adulthood. Now drinking games are what brings us great moments in our lives and are much more adult-like. Here is a list of games for you all to get out and get an excuse for drinking while partying it out with your gang.


No, not the mental illness, but a fun game which will stimulate the nosiness inside of you. It’s a very simple game where players take turns whispering a question to the person to their right. The person who’s been whispered to must answer out loud. You must have noticed the catch, which is that the whole lot doesn’t know the context of the answer. 

For example – A question can be, ’Who do you crush on in this room?’ and the answer which is said out loud is any name in the room.

Now where’s the drink? Well if any person wants to know the question, that person must have a drink to get access to the question. Curiosity does tend to get the best of basically anyone.

What you’ll need – some really witty questions and a lot of curiosity


The easiest game to explain and play is this one. All you need to do is play the song ‘Roxanne’ by Arizona Zervas and drink everytime you hear the word “Roxanne”.

Any song of your choice can be used for this game but to get the most fun make your choice wisely.

What you’ll need – a good taste in music


A long term game which you can play while playing any other game or while just having a lit conversation. It’s simple whenever you address someone by name, you’ll need to add Bob as a prefix. 

For example – if you say ‘Chris, you’re such an ass hat’ then you would have to say ‘Bob Chris, you’re such an ass hat’

It may sound pretty simple but in the long run you tend to forget it a few times especially when you’re already a bit drunk. You can designate how many drinks one gets if they mess up among yourself. Don’t limit yourself, be brave.

What you’ll need – attentiveness, lots of it.

The name game

Too many simple games? Here’s a tricky one for you involving names. Start it off by a player saying the name of someone famous, then the person to the left has to follow it up with a name of someone else who is famous whose name starts with the first letter of the other person’s surname. Okay that’s a bit confusing, let us help you.

For example – If the player starts it off by saying the name of Will Smith, the person to the left can follow it up with Stan lee and the next person can say Leonardo di caprio and so on and so forth.

Now the drinks, If you’re unable to think of a name quickly, drink while you’re thinking. 

What you’ll need – a good memory 


This is a fun one and my personal favorite. Simply grab a glass and fill it with your drink whichever suits the lot and place it in the middle of the table. Now put a shot glass in the glass so that it floats over it. Now each player will take turns pouring a small amount of drink (preferably something different than in the main glass) into the shot glass. Whoever sinks the shot glass has to gulp the whole thing.

What you’ll need – concentration and the will to drink some weird combinations.

Most Likely

Presumably we’ve all played this so you must know the rules but let’s recap. The group sits in a circle and asks a ‘most likely’ question. 

For example – “who is most likely to crap themselves in public?” Now everybody points towards who they think is most likely to.

Onto the drinks, The person who gets the most pointed fingers must drink. If two people get equally pointed at, then everybody drinks.

What you’ll need – a group which is not easily offended and a lot of pointing fingers.

Straight Face

First game which requires a bit of a set up. To set it up just hand everyone a piece of paper. Every player must write sentences, the more ridiculous and weird the better. After everyone is done, dump the pieces of paper in the middle of the group. Then one at a time a player picks up a piece of paper and reads the sentence out loud. Any sign of laughter, even a tiny drink awards you a shot.

What you’ll need – pieces of paper, a few pens and no control on your creativity.

Flip Cup

Too many individual games? Here’s a team game for you. We all must have seen the flip cup game on The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. But let’s go through the rules. Two teams are made which each stand on either side of a table. Cups are laid down filled with drinks in a row in front of each team. Now each member takes turns and gulps down the drink after which they try to flip the cup over using just your fingertip. The other member can’t start with his cup until his/her teammate has flipped their cup. Though this is traditionally a team game, It can also be played by just two players.

What you’ll need – cups and a table and some really capable fingertips.

Drunk UNOfficial

This is UNO with a wild twist, the rules are the same as before but everytime you draw any amount of cards, you must also take the same amount of shots. Simple and exciting at the same time, isn’t it?.

Truth or Drink

Here’s another normal game with the wild twist. This time it’s the truth or dare getting the wild treatment. The rules remain unchanged, answer the question or do a dare though the dare is only one, to drink. Silence is earned by a drink, this will surely bring out some gossip in the group.

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Continuing our journey through simple card games, here is another one. Take turns picking a card out of the 100 dynamic cards. Do the task mentioned in the card and if you fail to do so you must drink.

Sink or Shoot Party Game

Another gaming classic enhanced by getting drinks involved. This time it’s the battleship who’s the victim. The rules still remain unchanged but this time whenever you guess the opponent’s coordinate correctly they must drink. Simple as that.

Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid

The game is just as fascinating as the name. This will help you in the aforementioned “most likely” game. There are 250 prompts on “who’s most likely to…” so there is no need to rack your brain to think of some prompts, this deck will do it for you. Just sit back and point while drinking if you get the most pointed at.

Loaded Kings

Even the manufacturer knows how wild this game can get which is why these cards are completely waterproof for you all to let loose. A deck of 54 cards with the rules written on each card in easy language, just do as the card tells you to do. Each card has a different rule to ensure this game doesn’t get boring.

Never have I ever

Why not add drinks to yet another classic game? That led us here to never have I ever. Play it with your own imagination or use this deck which has 550 different prompts to ease your brain. You can guess the rules. Just drink if you have done what the prompt says. If nobody drinks then everybody must drink.

Quick And Dirty

Let’s break the ice with some dirty comments using this deck. The game is pretty basic but unbelievably hilarious if you have the mind for it. There are basically two decks, one has the sentences while the other has different alphabets. Now draw a card from each of the decks.  

Answer the description with any word or sentence which should start with the letter on the other card. Don’t limit your imagination and be as quick as possible to get the best out of the situation.

The person who’s the quickest wins the round and a drink.

5 Second Rule Uncensored

Another quick thinking game with even higher stakes. You have just 5 seconds to answer the prompt in front of you. If you fail to do so, you take a shot. The time restraint always tends to get out some really weird answers out of basically anyone.

Cards Against Humanity

As the tagline of the game suggests, it indeed is a party game for horrible people. It is still one of the most hilarious games out there and that’s a fact. It has two decks, black and white. Black one contains the prompts and the white one contains the answers. A black card is drawn to give everyone a prompt while everyone must throw in a white card which they think is the best suited and the funniest for that prompt. The answers can get really absurd and are only limited by your own imagination. It has 500 white cards and 100 black cards providing for all sorts of hilarious combinations. Include drinks as you like to make the game even more fun than it already is.


First of all, we in no way endorse the consumption of alcohol. Even while playing the aforementioned games observe caution and stay vigilant.

The aforementioned games can be played without drinks but some of them are way too absurd to still be played by anyone under the age of 18. If you’re above the legalized age and do choose to add drinks to your games then please drink responsibly.

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