10 Best Books to Help Your Child Learn to Read for Pre-schoolers

It isn’t a mystery why books are considered to be our best friend. Besides knowledge, it is indeed a support system at the end of the day. The more people read and write, the more they are open about their thoughts and perceptions. Reading and writing come as a task ever since we reach the stage of a toddler. But it’s also important to pick up perfect books for younger minds to start involving in order to enrich their minds. So, here we got you a little help in choosing the topmost books for your kids to enhance not only their basic knowledge, but a pinch of creativity as well:

Top 10 Bestseller Books for Children

My First Library

The set is an exquisite collection of some 10 researched Board books introducing a varying range of topics around everyday objects for littlest scholars. The topics involved in this set are- numbers, colors, ABC, animals, shapes, transport, vegetables and fruits. These potentially amazing picture books help to develop reading skills, help children to build a vocabulary arena, and improve listening and observing skills. The set as well has well-researched bright pictures that is a promising cover of comprehensive topics much suited for a toddler.

My First Book of Pencil Control

This perfect fun book is designed purposely for early learners for enhancing pencil control and motor reflexes. Along with following arrows and tracing dotted lines, the little explorers could be intrigued with some tracing exercises and creative activities leading to the development of their early writing skills. The child also learns to identify, write and revise clear straight, curvy, zig-zag lines and numerous patterns. The book is prominently better as the first step to prepare for school.

Picture Books Collection for Early Learning

Through this particular book, along with learning the basic alphabets, numbers, names of fruits, flowers, animals, birds, parts of the body, shapes, colors, also teaches good habits, making the pre-school learning period more fun and interestingly amazing. This set proves to be a complete all-in-one preschool book of learning for beginner enthusiasts.

Very First Sight Words Sentences

The words which are commonly used and observed in speech and writing are ‘Sight Words’. The book is a combo of suitably two books for children aged 4 years and above. This set is supported through colorful pictures along with simple sentences which motivate children to spot sight words; building confidence with their early literacy skills.

Writing Practice Box Set

It is a set of four fun-filled books with attractive illustrations helping a child identify and write numbers and also the individual letters of the English alphabet. The combined creative and tracing exercises prepare kids for school by also improving their pencil control, counting skills, and the ability to write numbers, all in order.

Great Stories for Children

It is a collection of some of Ruskin Bond’s most enriching and delightful children’s stories. It highlights Toto, the monkey, who took fancy to the narrator’s aunt, much to her dismay, a python besotted by his appearance, a naughty disastrous ghost who enjoys messing up the house when things get dull around, three young children stranded in a storm on the Haunted Hilland Ruskin Bond himself, who happens to make the acquaintance relation of a ghost at a resort late one night.

Colour with Crayons

It’s a 16-page paperback book for beginners. The book evolves some interesting drawings with basic shapes like squares, triangles, and circles. This book could be recommended to children who have just started or are about to test their hands in coloring. The book is in English and enables the little artists to have a lot of fun coloring the given pictures. The pictures are of enough size and good quality for your younger ones to observe, and color well.

Lines and Curves (Pattern Writing)

Not only is it important to write things, but to write more clearly and beautifully is also very necessary. How younger ones interpret their creativity through their unique style of writing is quite significant. This particular book solely enhances the skill of writing. It helps the kids to learn writing in a cursive manner.

Peppa Pig: Little Library 

This set is an exquisite collection of six mini books, based on your child’s favorite characters from Peppa Pig, represented in a colorful case box. They are more or less ideal for pre-school children and fans of the show. Nonetheless, the pack of the six books makes a jigsaw. This book range is pretty fun, not to mention the obvious; interactive and educational. Moreover, it encourages kids to start reading on their own through its fantasizing presentation.

My Activity- ABC Writing Book

This is a perfect set of 15 books to educate and entertain the learners with age-appropriate activities and tasks. Each book has fun exercises that make learning fun; teach basic skills of writing numbers and alphabets, phonics and reading, drawing and coloring, finding differences, and much more.

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