Top 7 Fake News Websites in The World 2022

Everything has its pros and cons. Like how the internet and social media have connected the world, but some individuals and organizations are using it to create divisions among people. Countries and Political parties use the internet and social media as a tool to spread their narrative, fake news, lies and propaganda to polarise voters.

Anything on the internet spreads like wildfire. By the time the authority takes action, it is too late. Countries like China, the USA, Pakistan, Russia, and Turkey top the list. According to reports, China has funded many universities, movies, and news websites to interfere in the USA’s politics. It is basically a Cyber Warfare in the 21st Century.

Democracy gives us the right to freedom of speech and expression but fake news, propaganda are drawbacks and enemies of democracy. And you need to be able to guess the enemy. Don’t trust every news, do 2x cross-check, and be neutral when analyzing any information. A news website should be neutral and impartial, but here are some news websites that are community-specific.

1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia has an impressive record of putting information about literally everything. But as the content can be edited by anyone at any time, it can’t be trusted and of course, it is biased. Even Wikipedia itself has articles like ‘Criticism of Wikipedia’ & ‘Ideological bias on Wikipedia’, where they openly mentioned their faults. People have raised concerns about biasness in gender, racial, political, and national issues on this website. Even co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Singer admits that this crowdsourcing project has gone against its original mission. He said that he agreed with the fact how teams of political parties remove content that isn’t to their liking.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a powerful and impactful platform where the public’s opinions can be shaped, and it’s the reason why it is biased too. Even Twitter CEO Jack fully admits that Twitter employees have a left-leaning bias after facing accusations that rightists are discriminated against on the social media platform. For example, Donald Trump is suspended on Twitter, but meanwhile, you can find Taliban militants filming attacks and posting on Twitter, hoping to convince local audiences of the group’s return to power in Afghanistan. Even former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad posted a series of tweets about how “Muslims have the right to be angry and kill millions of French people.” But he is still on Twitter after saying this aggressive & controversial statement. Twitter has removed many fake Pakistani profiles, involved in spreading fake news and hatred. It has literally become an ‘adda’ for fake news. Therefore, it’s up to us to decide who is good and who is bad. 

3. New York Times

The New York Times has an extreme biasness against any Hindu or Indian community. It is quite similar to their hate towards Trump’s Christian/White values and Israel’s Jewish values. Recently the New York Times came under fire for a job posting that clearly stated that they’ll consider ‘Anti-Modi’ or ‘Anti-Hindu’ candidates. 

4. The Logical Indian

Is The Logical Indian run by AAP IT cell

This news website claims that it is ‘independent’, ‘centrist’, and ‘apolitical’. But apparently Facebook added a feature specifically for pages where one can see a section named ‘Info and Ads‘. This section let us know about the active ad runs and also if the name of the page has been changed. After the addition of this feature, some users were surprised to see that The Logical Indian’s previous name was ‘Arvind Kejriwal- The Next Prime Minister of India’. So yes, it is heavily biased towards Kejriwal’s political party Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), and naturally against the running government. 

5. CNN

This American outlet was accused of doing Chinese Propaganda. They said in their article “The Chinese Communist Party is about to turn 100 but President Xi will be the real star.” Many people & critics raised questions against this statement.

6. Al Jazeera

This news source serves a specific audience — people living in Muslim-majority countries. And Al Jazeera is not a private channel, it is a state-owned channel of Qatar’s government. That means it will never criticize the Qatari government or their country itself, doesn’t matter what is the condition of women, homosexuals, or non-Muslims in Qatar or what human rights conditions are. Also, it means they’ll create propaganda against ‘enemy’ & ‘rival’ countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, Egypt, and India. And support their allies like Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Azerbaijan, Yemen, and Pakistan.

7. Global Times

It is a daily tabloid newspaper owned by the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘People’s Daily newspaper’. It generally puts news regarding China and the government’s bias. They don’t report negatively about the Chinese government, but nor are they positive about the western news. They have aggressive and insulting editorials, which is called as “voice” of Beijing around the world.

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