10 Ways That Can Help You to Reduce The Electricity Consumption of Your AC

Summers are just intolerable without an AC, but along with the soothing cold air it also gives you the tension of its electricity consumption. The increment in the electricity bills is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of buying an AC. But do you know that there are ways that can help you to reduce the power consumption of your AC? If you have no idea about this fact then read the whole article.

Here we have mentioned 10 easy ways that can help you reduce the power consumption of your AC and save money on electricity bills during summer:

1. Choose the right size according to your room

There are different products in the market that come with different tonnages. So, the first move that you should take in this process is to choose the right tonnage according to your room. If the AC is smaller according to the room size, it will take more power to make your room cold. So, if you have a bigger room, choose a product that has more tonnage.

2. Check the energy star rating

The next factor that you should check while buying the AC is its energy ratings. When you buy a good energy rated product, you tend to save more. Therefore, choose a BEE star rated product when you are buying the AC.

3. Set the temperature to the default setting

The default setting of the AC is generally 24 degrees. So whenever you are using the AC, try to keep the temperature to 24 degrees. Do not reduce it until you compulsorily need it. It may seem a bit hotter at the beginning but after some days of use, you will get used to it.

4. Close the windows and doors

Never keep the windows and doors open when you have turned on the AC. When you keep the doors and windows closed, your room captures more air. So, when your room retains more cold air, the AC consumes less power.

5. Use a fan

Using a fan with the AC is also a great idea that can help in this matter. When you run a fan with the AC, the fan circulates the air in the room faster, therefore, your AC needs less time to cool down the room.

6. Keep the AC properly maintained

Proper maintenance is the key solution in this matter. A properly maintained AC takes less power. Therefore, always clean the filters, and coils on a routine basis. If the filters are outdated, consider changing them.

7. Always choose bright colours

This formula is applicable for both curtains and the outside paints of your home. Bright colours reflect the heat whereas when you use dark colours it does the opposite. So, when choosing the curtains, try to choose light colours and do the same while selecting the paint shades as well. 

8. Keep heat emitting devices away

When you have turned on the AC in your room, avoid using laptops, TV and such other products that emit heat. When your room is constantly emitting heat, your AC will need more power to cool it down and lead to more electricity consumption. 

9. Keep the outdoor unit under shade

When you are fixing the outdoor unit, try to keep it in an area where it does not get much sunlight. When the outdoor unit heats up, the AC needs more power in the cooling process. Therefore, try using this method too as a solution to this matter.

10. Focus on the windows

Windows are the most easy ways for the air to pass. So, you have to make the windows spill proof. If you have old modelled windows made with wood, consider replacing them with the glass ones. Glass windows are the best alternatives in such cases. They also retain the cool air more than the wood windows.

So, here we discussed the most convenient and useful ways that can lead you to see a drastic change in your electricity bills. If you can follow these ways consistently then you can be sure that your AC will no longer consume much. But keep the consistency and do not skip any of the methods every time you turn on the AC. 

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