How to message someone on WhatsApp without typing anything?

We no longer say ‘Send me on WhatsApp’ and instead say ‘WhatsApp me’. This shows that WhatsApp has indeed become a household name. After Covid-19, when the world was disconnected physically and connected only virtually, Social Media played a significant role. At a time when we were asked to not touch anything before sanitising, it became really important to master the art of using gadgets via voice command. Advancements in technology have made it possible for users to use Voice Recognition and AI in their smartphones and operate them without even touching them. The surge of the new variant- Omicron clearly indicates that the situation may worsen & thus, it’s better to learn how to operate smartphones with voice – and most importantly how to WhatsApp someone without typing the message. It not only saves time but also reduces screen time, thus beneficial for the eyes in the long run.

How to send WhatsApp message without typing using Voice Typing feature?

Every keyboard- be it Samsung Keyboard, Gboard or Swiftkey- has a ‘Voice Typing’ feature which allows mobile users to type anything by saying. After opening WhatsApp and selecting the person to whom he wants to send the message, the user needs to click on the Voice typing feature on the keyboard that comes with a mic icon. After clicking on the mic, the user can speak the message and the keyboard will type it down automatically. If the user is satisfied with the content he can click on the Send Button or can make changes if needed.


How to send WhatsApp message without touching phone screen?

But what if we do not want to touch our phones at all? There is a solution to that too! For Android and iOS, Google Assistant & Siri respectively can help in sending the message without touching our smartphones. It is recommended to have the latest version of Android/iOS, WhatsApp and Google Assistant/Siri. 

Step1: In Android phones, first of all, we need to enable Google Assistant, if not already enabled. 

Step2: Then, we need to just say ‘OK Google’ and it will activate the Google Assistant.

Step3: And if we say, ‘Send a message to’ with the name of anyone we want to message, the Assistant will take out the name from the Phone’s Contacts.

Step4: Then, the user will be asked for the message which he wishes to send. We can say the message which Google Assistant will type down using voice recognition technology.

Step5: When we are sure that the message typed down by Google is perfect, we can say ‘send the message’ or we can say ‘Change it’ if we wish to change the message.

Similarly, for iOS, Siri works the same. Siri is a virtual assistant available on iPhones and works the same as Google Assistant. But it is important to have a version of iOS 10.3 or later to enjoy this cool feature.

Steps: After enabling Siri and giving it access to WhatsApp, users can use it to send a WhatsApp message to any contacts using the same method. They need to say ‘Hey Siri’ and then command it ‘Send a message to’ with the name of the person to whom they want to send the message. This way, no matter the Operating System, one can send a WhatsApp message to any contact without touching the smartphone.


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