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Best Tablet for Kids

A tablet is a great way for every kid to get familiar with technology and get the hang of the touch screen user interface which the whole generation is moving towards. Getting a tablet which is specially designed for kids gives supreme control to you, the parent. With this control you are able to monitor and limit what your kid does on his very own tablet. So here is our list of the best tablets for kids.

Fire HD 10 Kids tablet


Ram – 3 GB, Storage – 32 GB, Processor – Helio P60T, Resolution – 1,920 by 1,200 pixels, Battery life – 12 hours +

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet is a great choice for you because of its well curated kids library and detailed parental controls. The HD resolution provides for an amazing video and reading experience. As the kid enjoys his tablet, you can moderate what he/she does on the tablet with the parental controls. It also has a great battery life which increases the fun time and less charging time.

The tablet comes with builtin services for Amazon’s Kids + services which packs in thousands of kid friendly apps, games and books. The tablet even comes with a case and is also covered with a 2 year guarantee. 

Apple iPad


Processor – Apple 13 Bionic, Storage – 64 GB, Resolution – 2160 by 1620, Battery life – 5 hours +

If you’re conscious about the quality of the device you’re gonna give then the Apple Ipad is the only thing that can ease you up. The name is enough to tell you what this device is actually capable of.

It consistently delivers top performance because of the Apple in house bionic chip. It has both a front and a selfie camera with not flattering megapixels but still great picture quality because of the brilliant software. It is compatible with the first gen apple pencil which allows all sorts of drawings on it.

It has a sleek design and easy to use user interface, an open to all library which can be restricted with the parental controls. The tablet also gets OS updates for many years making it a long lasting product and an investment.

The only issue is its price but it can be worth it for some considering its high performance capabilities and brilliant design but that’s up to you.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0


RAM – 2GB, Storage – 32 GB + expandable Micro SD storage, Resolution – 1280 by 800 pixels, Processor – Qualcomm snapdragon 425, Battery life – 5 hours +

If you’re looking for an android alternative for a tablet then this tablet is a decent option for you. Though the specs are a bit underwhelming considering the price. It has all the android apps available on the google play store. This tablet provides for a budget friendly option for all types of media and even android gaming.

Android has an above average inbuilt safety protections to keep your kids content controlled. But you can also install a third party parental control app to gain even more control on the whole tablet to customize and limit the content on it.

Alcatel Joy Tab 2


RAM – 3GB, Storage – 32GB, Resolution – 1280 by 800 pixels, Processor – MediaTekMT8766B, Battery Life – 4 hours +

A great amazon fire alternative with the android OS. It doesn’t have either a great processor nor a great screen of high resolution but it is ample enough to be a kids tablet. It has a kids mode, smooth video streaming and great audio quality which can be very engaging for the kids.

It is the most budget friendly option in the list making it a wise choice for the budget conscious audience while still getting a decent deal on the tablet.

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus


RAM – 4GB, Storage – 64GB, Resolution – 2,000 by 1,200, Processor – MediaTek G90T,

Battery life – approximately 8 hours.

This Lenovo tablet brings to you a very affordable android option if you are looking for a good specd tablet. It is a very stylish tablet with amazing speakers coupled with excellent battery life to consume media all day long in the best quality.

The software is limited to android 12, but since it is an android tablet it is compatible for all the apps on the play store. Giving you access to all sorts of media and games and everything you desire. But just like any other android tablet you will have to install a third party control app if you so desire.

This tablet not only works well for kids but also can double up for any other person to use on a normal basis. It is a good enough tablet to be used by any age group.


Tablets can be an important part of any kid’s life nowadays. It not only gets them familiar with technology from an early age but also plays a major role in getting them indulged in learning through various visual learning methods and ease of access. Giving your kid a tablet will also keep them engaged and entertained in other things while you do your work or through a road or any other trip. 

But there is some content which kids just shouldn’t watch at such an early age. This is where the parental control settings are a lifesaver. With these settings you can not only limit what they watch but also monitor what they did watch and for how long. This also helps in keeping track if they are actually studying or just watching cartoons.

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