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Top 10 Prank Call Ideas for Family/Siblings (2022)

Spending time with family is something we always look up to. It can be a lot of fun to sit around with your old folks, listen to music, watch movies and talk to them. But do you know what could be even funnier? Pulling a fun prank on them over the phone when you are away! Although we must keep in mind that they are our family after all and we shouldn’t make them worried, a little prank never hurts anyone.

So here is a list of fun pranks to pull on your family-

Tell them that you failed a test!

In Indian households, the child having an exam is really a big thing. Right after you get out of the exam hall, call your parents and tell them “ Sorry, mom and dad, I really couldn’t live up to your expectations this time, I think I will fail this test”. And then when the result comes out, surprise them with your scores!

Tell them about the scratch on the family car

Once you are out on  the driveway and your family is still inside the house, call them and pretend to be very worried because someone has put a big scratch on your dad’s beloved car which was sitting on the driveway. Once they come rushing out, tell them that it was just a prank and see their expressions!

Pretend to be a hacker

Call your brother or sister from an unknown number and talk in a muffled voice so that they don’t instantly recognize you. Tell them in a scary voice that you are a hacker and you know their personal details. Once they are scared, reveal to them your true identity and have a good laugh together. 

Is your refrigerator running?

Call your parents and ask them “is the refrigerator running?”. Once they reply in affirmative, ask them to catch hold of it before it runs away from your house! You can later have a good laugh about it.

Pretend to be calling from a Radio Station

Call your parents and tell them you are an RJ calling from a leading radio station and that they have randomly been selected for a fully paid couple’s holiday. See the look on their faces when you finally come out of the room and tell them that it was just a prank.

Pizza delivery prank

Call your dad on his phone pretending to be a pizza delivery guy and tell him, “ Hello sir, the extra large pizza that you ordered today has arrived, I am just outside your gate and it would be great if you paid in cash” . Then watch him get really surprised with what is happening and go open the gate just to see you laughing because you just fooled him successfully. 

Calling for food delivery prank

Call one of your family members and immediately start ordering food items pretending that you have called a restaurant and want a food delivery. They will tell you that you got the wrong number, but pretend as if you did not hear them and continue ordering. They will get annoyed after a point and hang up, but in the end it was a great prank!

Just keep silent

Call up any of your siblings and just keep quiet. When they enquire as to why you are not speaking and or why you call if you don’t have something to say, just keep shut. And if they eventually get annoyed and hang up, just keep calling them back just to annoy the hell out of them.

Guests have arrived prank

Call your family from an unknown number pretending to be one of their friends or a part of your extended family who stay out of town and tell them, “ Hey, just called you to let you know that I am in town for a few days and I think I might drop by your place in 10 minutes or so”. This shrewd prank might anger them, but also will be a good joke to have.

Your pet is running away

Call them pretending to be a concerned neighbor and tell them that you just saw their dog running away from the house. Although this prank might scare them for a bit, you can’t argue that it’s not funny!

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