10 Most Powerful Shstras of Hindu Lord Shiva

The god of the gods (Supreme God) lord Shiva, the universal consciousness, the yoga source, the knowledge spring, who shed light on consciousness to protect oneself, family, and the world from different forces trying to hinder innocent lives. The mythological hero has mastered every art so perfectly and is regarded as the Guru who has the answer to every problem. From the Vedas and Upanishads we get an overview of the magical Astra Shiva had –

1. Trishula

Shiva’s most powerful shstra is the trident. Which is a hard long powerful metallic tool with three straight pointing edges. It is seen in the hands of both Lord Shiva and ma Shakti. It’s one of the most powerful shstra of the Hindu mythology. Lord Shiva has used this shstra to defeat the deadly demons and saved the earth from them. The power explodes the mightier of the mightiest forces into dust and can only be controlled by Lord Shiva himself. The powers of the Trishula can nullify any shstra of the universe. Lord Shankara has used the trident to remove the bitter qualities of mind which are greed, anger, lust, illusions, covetousness, delusions.

2. Pashupatastra

The shstra which holds the power of the universe, the symbolic ammunition of the lord of destruction. The epithet of Shiva’s powers so powerful that earned the sobriquet as the deadliest shstra of the time. Pashupatinath Shiva’s other form, the father of the animal kingdom carries the Pashupatastra along with him. The most powerful energies of the cosmic universe meditated to take the form in this shstra, which can destroy creation and vanish the existence of life in no time. Great sage Vishvamitra was able to own the irresistible shstra. The forbidden shstra is the most fierce and powerful one which can diminish any negative power to zero.

3. Parashu

The mighty axe which Lord Shiva gifted to Parashurama the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, born in the Treta Yuga. The great worshipper of Lord Shiva was one of Sapt- Chiranjivi. Lord Shiva teaches Parashuram the skill of Kalaripayattu, a form of Indian martial arts originated from Kerala. One of the most vital, important, and powerful shstra of Shiva which have its mention in both the Epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. The weapon was used in different situations to stop the demons from running God’s creation. Parashu had Lord Shiva’s powers to combat negative forces and reduce them to ashes.

4. Pinaka

Shiva’s Dhanush (bow) is called Pinaka, the shstra which tremors the whole universe whose vibrations rings the alarming bell signifying that destruction is near. The Epic Ramayana has an episode which is about Pinaka –Shiva’s Dhanush where Lord Rama was invited to King Janak’s Place where mother Sita’s swayamvar was taking place. Lord Rama was the only individual able to pick up the mighty shstra of Shiva which led to the marriage of Rama and Sita. Ravana the great worshipper of Lord Maheshwar also the villain of the epic Ramayan didn’t pick the Pinaka as he saw Lord Shiva in it, it’s all Shiva’s creation letting situations play to form the great story of Ramayana.

5. Pattyudha

The sword used by Virbhadra, the commander of Shiva’s army. Virbhadra came to life when Sati’s self – immolation happened at the kingdom of Raja Daksh. The warrior’s eyes were red with anger; he marched to the place with Shiva’s gana’s and separated the head from the body of Daksha with his shstra. It was the misery of a fool’s mind King Daksha who kept on ignoring and insulting the divine presence of the supreme deity and now when Adi-parashakti sacrificed her life to make Daksha understand the truth of the universe it led to the destruction of the world.

6. Chandrahasa Sword

The crescent-shaped sword means the laughter of the moon is a powerful shstra of Lord Shiva which he gave to one of his most sincere disciples Raavana. The one who wrote the famous Shiv Tandav Stotram. With his pride and ego Raavana when couldn’t cross Mount Kailash with his chariot demanded to lift the entire mountain when Shiva put his toe on him he got hurt and started singing the Shiv Tandav Stotram which made Shiva happy thus he gifted him the sword. The sword is blessed with Shiva’s powers and is an indestructible powerful shstra of the Hindus.

7. Khatvanga

Rudra the great avatar of Shiva carried this destructive shstra. It’s like a long stick usually made up of metal with three long prongs to it. Rudra the mighty lord is the roaring warrior, the destroyer of negativity, the fierce god who loves innocent souls but is bad with the ones doing bad deeds. The supreme ruler is the epithet of Fierce and supreme. The divine Lord is a one-man army who protects the universe and human beings from negative powers. Rudra the lord is associated with archery and is one of the most sacred deities of the Hindus.

8. Girish

Shiva’s Sword, built with immense powers of Lord Shankara. Mahadev the benevolent father of the world resides on the holy mountains of Kailash, in Hindi mountains are also known as Giri. The weapon’s name is related to the mountains; it is a special sword of Shiva. The lord is seen just with a trident but has created many powerful tools to protect the world.

9. Teen Ban

The most powerful shstra of Shiva which can destroy a whole army in a blink of an eye, three arrows tied at a single bow moves at immense speed destroying the entire army before they could register what’s going to happen to them. One of the most powerful shstra best for the courageous warriors.

10. Damru

Though it’s not a shstra it’s Shiva’s favorite instrument which is always present with him. Shiva the God of God’s is the destroyer of negativity, with all his shstra he protects the world-leading mankind towards spiritual awareness. Damru creates the divine vibrations of positiveness which led to the creation of the divine cosmic universe. The sound the vibrations which create divine enlightenment can be said as the most powerful shstra spreading knowledge since Shiva is there.

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