Top 10 Most Handsome Chinese Actors in 2022

It’s only the most recent shooting star phenomena that movies and dramas from China are taking over the world by swift, and all these new exuberant Chinese actors are winning us over with their talent and charisma.

The entertainment industry around the world is awash in Chinese and Korean dramas recently and people just can’t do anything but binge. It is evident to us that these upcoming and actors who appear in these dramas look nothing short of divine. 

To break the dwindling curiosity clock, we’ve compiled a list of Good-looking Chinese Actors, who have a fan base not just in China, but around the world!

Top 10 Most Good-looking Chinese Actors in 2021

Yang Yang

Actor Yang Yang was born in Shanghai, China and is a burning star of the Chinese film industry. Dancing became his lifelong passion when he moved to Beijing to study at the People’s Liberation Army Arts College, where he completed his graduation. In the Chinese entertainment industry, he has always been the type casted handsome and dynamic man for his fans. Following his appearances in Chinese language dramas such as The whirlwind girl, love O2O, and martial universe, his fans couldn’t help but notice his dashing good looks and impeccable acting.

Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo is a Chinese singer-actor-dancer-TV-host-model-motorcyclist we wished the list was longer phew!, and also a model, who talks about diversity in an actor! The South Korean-Chinese boy band UNIQ was his former den of his talent and especially dance expression which built his career. It’s no secret that Wang Yibo has always been popular among teens and the youth. He’s not only a great actor, but he’s also an expert at bewitching and combating dance skills. Wang Yibo’s role in the critically acclaimed Chinese period drama The Untamed catapulted him to international stardom almost overnight.

Xiao Zhan aka Sean Xiao

He is known by his stage name Sean Xiao worldwide. and as Xiao Zhan to his fans and admirers in China. He is a member of X NINE, a popular musical band which has garnered a massive fan following for his music.  Xiao was acknowledged for his interesting roles especially in the dramas namely, Oh! my emperor and the emperor’s daughter. His debut was preceded by years of experience in the arts, including time spent as a photographer and a graphic designer which is credited as the reason for his aesthetic eye in the roles and his trend setting attire. 

Xu Kai

Being the epitome of versatility, looks and a killer aesthetic appeal it is evident to know that Xu Kai’s drama series career takes off after the success of Story of Yanxi Palace. Any fangirl will fall in love with his dapper look and smouldering personality while Forbes China named Xu with their list of 30 influential people under the age of 30 which is a bigger achievement than it’ll ever get for a star at such a ripe age. 

Li Yifeng

He was born on the 4th of June, 1987, in Shanghai. From China, Li Yifeng is both an actor and a singer that has made him quite famous. It’s quite the achievement that h e’s been successful in making the top 10 list of the most notable Chinese actors known in China and worldwide. Being a very hands-on individual, which he is His fans appreciate his simplicity and for having an age-appropriate appearance and dressing sense, atop of which he is also very well built which gives his fans both style and fitness goals. Lovesick and Fall in Love Like a Star are two of his best-known movies.

William Chan

The 21st of November, 1985, saw the birth of William Chan in China. Chan is a widely popular Chinese actor and musician which seems like the perfect double whammy. Swearing by his enormous fan base he is undoubtedly the most  talented Chinese actor with a funky hairdo and appearance that does makes him a true showstopper and, a one-of-a-kind talent. Scores of young fans were drawn to him because of his fashionable appearance and were inspired by his attire. The year 2006 was the year which shone his path to success where he began his singing career, subsequently in addition to his work on six albums, he has also appeared in a number of television series that are widely popular. 

Lu Han

On the seventh place of our list stands an actor that has his fans tempting to get one glance, one handshake, one look. It’s none other than Lu Han who on April 20 1990, was born in the city of Shanghai, China. Lu is a widely acclaimed Chinese actor and singer. He is a very handsome Chinese actor that has a face cut and smile his female fans swear by!  It’s his fashionable hairstyle and enticing eyes that make up for his chocolate boy appearance that sets him apart. Lu She is a national treasure for the chinese film industry. Interestingly, the China National Radio had him ranked as the number one star for popular entertainment and rising popularity in TV dramas and cultural films. As of yet, he has only appeared in a handful of films, including 12 Golden Ducks and The Witches of Eastwick which are few yet direly loved. 

Deng Lun

An actor praised widely for his recitation, dialogue delivery, diction and express in Deng Lun, a graduate of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, who rose to fame in 2018 for his role in the fantasy romance drama Ashes of Love that opened a million doors to fame for him Since then, Deng Lun has received widespread plaudits for his acting skills and has experienced a tidal wave of love from fans, admirers like no other actor has. 

Andy Lau

“Age is just a number”, well we’ve heard it a hundred times but it astoundingly comes true with Andy Lau who was born on September 27, 1961 and is one the most widely known Chinese-American actor. Andy is a singer and actor from China known for his melodious and baritone voice. Despite his maturity he has a very good appearance that makes his counterparts fall shy of their face routine. His age doesn’t stop him from calling himself “Handsome.”, we won’t call him a narcissist as his fans swear by his looks.   The fact that he is getting older makes him appear more handsome and active in his roles. In addition to Running on Karma and Gallants, he has appeared in over 150 films that have received many accolades.

Chen Xiao

This funky star who is widely famous for his new and changing hair colours every other day has to make it on our list. Chen Xiao was born on July 5, 1987 in the city of Shanghai in mainland China. It is wide held belief of his fans that he is a performer who holds tight to the classical tradition of acting which is visible in his acting tones throughout movie scenes. Chen is indeed an amazing person with amazing style and a very kind disposition towards his fans and loved ones. It is his diverse hairstyles and funky clothing that have helped him carve out a distinct style niche in the movie industry which sets on fire a new trend every now and then. Chen acted in widely known and acclaimed Chinese films such as The Palace, The Taking of Tiger Mountain and the Mysterious Family, among many others that have received boundless love from his fans. 

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