11 Most Controversial Indian News TV Anchors

Being a news anchor is not an ordinary job. As a public figure, they have to balance their professional and personal life together. That is not easy for any journalist. Their life is more like a film celebrity. They don’t know when and how their comments, news reporting or personal opinions create huge controversy for them.

Infact every profession has their pros and cons and this profession has the same. Most news anchors and journalists go through controversial situations in their life. but some of them intentionally create such situations, they do biased reporting, and support one ideology. It becomes really tough to rank a person as the top most controversial journalist. So, this list has not followed any sequence. Here is the list of 11 Worst Indian Journalists – Most Hated, Corrupt & Controversial Indian News TV Anchors

Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt and Her profession as a journalist is always surrounded by lots of controversy and troll. Kargil controversy, Tiranga Tv controversy and Radia tapes controversy which was related to the 2G scam, these are some of the top controversies that makes her life more challenging in the news media. During the Kargil war, her reporting was tracked by Pakistan to give them some secret information about Indian Army. But this controversy was proved to be wrong by General V.P Malik ‘s book on Kargil war ” From Surprise to Victory”. He mentioned that there was not any information leaked during the Kargil war.

There is one more controversy related to Mumbai attacks. Chyetanya Kunte in one of his blogs said the indiscreet journalism by  Barkha Dutt during Mumbai terrorist attacks, was responsible for giving detailed information about the ground situation and directing to loss of lives. Later he apologized to Bharkha Dutt and NDTV channel for this false information in his blog post. 

Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep Sardesai infamous Tweet “while Namo travels the country, my Nemo needs to be taken for a walk in the park! Different folks, different priorities! Enjoy the weekend”. This tweeted against Mr. Narendra Modi. during Lok sabha election February 2014.This tweet became a catastrophe not only in India but all over the world. Another controversial incident started when Rajdeep commented on Shiv Sena’s ‘hypocrisy ‘. He was tweeted back by Anupam Kher and questioned Rajdeep’s  ‘desh-bhakti’ on the distress of Kashmiri Pandit. These tweets created huge criticism on twitter by social media users.

These are just glimpses of past incidence, there are many more.His unnecessary provokes followers,  uses of bad language against politician or film stars and raises meaningless issues while interviews, due to this nature makes him involved with lots of controversy.

Punya Prasun Bajpai

Punya Prasun Bajpai came in controversial lime light when the leaked video of Kejriwal and Bajpai has gone viral on social media. That video was revealed the off record conversation between AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and Aaj Tak journalist Punya prasun bajpai about the things that how Kejriwal maintains his imager in public to show himself as against of vote bank politics and corruption.This incident happened after Kejriwal resigned from the CM post of Delhi in 2014. 

This leaked video raised many questions not only about CM but also news channels. Debates started on topics like ” media fixing” in every newspaper and social media .

Ravish Kumar

Why did a popular Hindi journalist Ravish Kumar leave Twitter in 2015? The reason behind this question , his way of putting the question on governance of ruling party NDA. For that reason, some people criticized him and they continually called him as anti Bjp, an agent of Congress and many more words.

Arnab Goswami

The social media is overloaded with multiple controversial news related to Indian anchor and journalist Arnab goswami. I can put all his controversial stories here, there is a long list. Generally, people claim that his reporting is always in the favour of the ruling party (Bjp) and always criticizes opposition political parties. For instance Tharoor defamation case, in this case member of Congress party Shashi Tharoor filed defamation case against Arnab Goswami in Delhi high court. 

Another famous controversy is the TRP manipulation scam and leaked messages . In this leaked whatsapp chats shows that the ex chief executive officer of Broadcast Audience Research Council, Partho Dasgupta  helped Arnab Goswami maintain TRP lead by misusing his position.

Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana Om Kashyap has been in controversy multiple times. In the year 2019, she was surrounded by multiple controversial news stories. During ground reporting related to encephalitis outbreak in Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital of Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, she entered the ICU ward of the hospital and started lecturing the doctor in a loud way. People accused her for this inappropriate behaviour and a complaint was filed by Indian Medical Association for her behaviour. 

During the 2019 supreme court proceeding on Ayodhya case ,She was covering this topic at that time. While reporting she putted questions why muslim was not compromising with mere 5 acres land that’s hurt the sentiments of Muslim community. People trolled her badly for this and accused her a anti Muslim.

Sudhir Chaudhary

There are some FIRs filed against Sudhir Chaudhary for his prime show DNA reporting . In this show analysis the multiple issues like ” jihadi” and called it as factory of promoting islamic cultural and anti national. This news provoked the anger of Muslim and filed various fir or threads calls by people across India.

In his DNA shows he also openly accused muslim for spreading corona virus.“Tablighi Jamaat betrayed the nation” this statement was said by him in the DNA show. That’s why he received  X-category security for his security concerns.


Before leaving AAP, he came in controversy for his remarks on Mahatma Gandhi. People started calling him an attention seeker by misusing the name of Mahatma Gandhi. Even the court also took action against him for defaming the image of Mahatma Gandhi. Currently he is active in the journalism profession.

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