Top 10 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses in 2022

Turkey, the land of oriental culture and exquisite cuisines that draws from the beautiful misty mountains to the soulful heights of the Hagia Sophia and till heavens do us apart with the wonders Turkey hides in the depths of its eternal and captive symphony of the past shrouded in antiquity of centuries-old culture and the modern in its cosmopolitan mosaic it offers.

As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder- the magnificence of Turkish culture has beholden the eyes of many. Similarly, the world is a bare witness to the bewitchingly beautiful actresses that adorn Turkish Cinema to an alluring extent, only the cupid in the eyes of the beholder can know. 

The world is well aware of Turkey being the home to some of the best Turkish delight delicacies, fuming and fragrant Tea but, is also the land of some of the most beautiful and bewitching Actresses that perfectly reflect the harmony of the eastern and the western worlds through their work and their exuberant appeal of mind-numbing beauty at work.

No word or poetry is enough to encompass the beauty of Turkish Actresses and the alluring influence they have on their fans and one-sided dreamers, but we audaciously bring to you the TOP 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL TURKISH ACTRESSES of all time, Brace your hearts! 

Tuba Buyukustun

Well, we have to say, As far as Turkish actresses go, Tuba Buyukustun who tops our list at No. 1 is by far regarded as the most beautiful actress. It was in 2003 that the 1982-born actress began her acting career as a child actress. Since she’s so naturally gifted, Tuba went on to star in some of the most famous Turkish TV series ever made. She decided to make her screen debut in 2004 but has since become one of Turkey’s most coveted actresses for local and international film and tv series assignments. Leaving us speechless every time!

Elçin Sangu

When Cupids Bow Strikes, what can one do? Elcin who is an acclaimed Turkish Actress was born in December 1980 in the town of Izmir. A widely celebrated Turkish TV and film industry professional, she does have a distinctive outlook on the world. She thought of becoming a doctor at first but Elcin’s love for opera and theatre was well known to her and her parents since she was a child. Among the series in which she appeared were Kurt Seyit ve Sura and Sevdam Alobora which earned her accolades for her acting. Well we know what to do now, admire. 

Ezgi Asarglu

All the words combined couldn’t describe her beauty! For an actress who with Bir Dilim Ask, made her acting debut at the mere age of 17. In Turkey, Ezgi Asaroglu had become well-known for her roles in popular TV series well over years due to the increasing popularity of such series. Shortly after that, she made her big-screen debut and has been working in Turkish films since then. We did find one word to describe her: Jaw-dropping!

Hande Doandemir

Well if perfect was alive she would, of course, be Sociologist and actor Hande Doandemir who hails from Ankara. Beauty with brains? Recently, she turned 34 years old, and her fans couldn’t be angrier! She was born in Turkey in 1985. She holds a degree in Sociology from Ankara University. Her work includes Telling Tales and Racon, as well as television shows such as Waiting for the Sun and Racon. Aside from the fact that she is a highly stunning and hot actress, Hande is also well known for her job who proves to be just the right combination of beauty with brains.

Bergüzar Korel

Korel has proven to be a timeless beauty for her ever sparkling skin as if the moon had descended. In Valley of the Wolves: Iraq, she played the lead role as Leyla, for which she received considerable fame and became well with the fans of Turkish cinema. Korel, in addition to her acting prowess, has naturally exquisite features that exude stunning aesthetic beauty.

Songul Oden

Her charm has propelled her to fame, not because she’s beautiful, but because she’s charming. For most female roles in Turkish TV series, her charming presence is ideal. Songul Oden was born in 1977 and her career began in 1999 with a famous TV series and since then she has graced the Turkish Cinema of her craft. All but the most enraged person is soothed by her delicate mannerisms and calm demeanor.

Selen Soyder

The sunsets on the Turkish beauty Selen Soyder, who has adorned Turkish television like a jewel with her traditional Turkish beauty and oriental aura. In 2007, she went on to win Miss World Turkey and went on to represent Turkey in the Miss Competition in China. Selen reminds us to not strive for excellence, but rather, stay true to ourselves.

Hazal Kaya

Heavens called, they want Hazal Back! Primarily from Turkey, the 1991 born actress made her acting debut in a television series that is still Turkish audiences’ favourite. Hazal Kaya rose to fame not just by the parameter that she’s astoundingly beautiful but also because her skills and acting craft are unmatched. With the exception of Turkish, Kaya is proficient in Italian, English, and German. It’s called Bizim Hikaye among other works. Well, tell heaven not anytime soon!

Hande Erçel

One of a kind, Hande Erçel, who belongs to a typical Turkish descent, is yet one stunning woman to adorn the Turkish film industry with her beauty and prowess. Model, actress, this swooping looking heart throb with pearly eyes first appeared in a Turkish TV series “Daughters of the sun” as Selin, as well amongst other TV Series hits in Turkey. She won the Miss Turkey title in 2012 and was later selected as the most beautiful woman in 2019 edition of acclaimed world magazine.

Burcu Biricik

Boundlessly beautiful as she is, Burcu Birlick is a Turkish actress, of Turkish sub-ethnic Yoruk descent, born on 4th May 1989 in Antalya. She was the crown winner of the Mediterranean Beauty Contest in 2006 and was awarded the Best Actress Award at the Mannheim Turkish Film Festival. While she may not be in the talks lately, we can’t deny that she’s one of the most stunning actresses in the world. She starred in Macolar as her first-ever TV show and this stunning blonde holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology from Ege University.

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