Top 21 Most Beautiful South Indian Actresses in 2022

Did you know that Tollywood or the Telugu Film Industry is more commercially successful than rest of the regional film industries? For the Telugu audience, the film holds a special position in their lives. Cinema means so much to them that they worship their superstar. This Tollywood industry shines with some of the most glamorous, beautiful and talented actresses of India. Indians as well as foreigners have made their foray into this industry originating from various regions of the world. The amount of fandom these actresses receive is astonishing!

Most of these beautiful and talented Tollywood actresses receive a pan-India following, owing to their beauty and talent which helps to add a new dimension to the popularity of the Tollywood Industry. And with the emerging social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., their popularity has reached new heights.

Tamannaah Bhatia – The Daisy in Bloom

Tamannaah Bhatia is a very successful Indian actress in Tamil and Telugu films. Making her debut at the age of 15 in the Bollywood film, “Ye Chand Sa Roshan Chehra”, she was seen as a rising star. She had only grown in the film industry with her great acting skills, be it in Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu films. Her appearance is as fresh as a daisy in bloom. Be it any award show or event, Tamannaah could always be spotted glowing different from the crowd.

Samantha Akkineni – Actress with a Childish Kink

Samantha Akkineni, born on 28 April 1987, is an Indian actress who has been focused mainly on Tamil and Telugu films only. She is the actress we all have seen mostly in Tamil movies playing the lead role. The goofiness and innocence that she brings out are impeccable. Regardless of her growing age, she still has a childish kink to her personality.

Shruti Haasan – Actress with Vocals 

Born on 28 January 1986, Shruti Haasan is working prominently in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films. She started her career as a child artist, only prospering over these years. Along with her acting skills, Shruti is also a well-trained established playback singer. Being a perfect icon of beauty and decency, she appears beautifully perfect.

Rakul Preet Singh – Born with a Pretty Smile 

Rakul’s acting skills are benevolent without a doubt. She seems like a really generous person in real life with her pretty smile always on her face. Born on 10 October 1990, she is an established actress in Tamil and Telugu, now pillaring her success in Hindi cinema as well. You all mustn’t have forgotten her role as “Aisha” in “De De Pyaar De”, alongside Ajay Devgan and Tabu, the two legendaries themselves.

Pooja Hegde – Her Confidence Speaks 

Pooja Hegde is a renounced Indian model and actress who made her debut in Hindi cinema with the movie, “Mohan Jo Daro” with Hrithik Roshan. She has also worked immensely in Tamil and Telugu movies. She is beautiful, confident, and nonetheless has a pretty smile which complements her very well throughout.

Ileana D’Cruz – The Phenomenal One

Ileana D’Cruz has been mostly seen in Hindi movies alongside some very established actors. She is a humble human. As far as her personality goes, she is just another perfect actress with a model physique and pretty facial structure, looking phenomenal in almost everything. One of her superhits in Bollywood was with Varun Dhawan in “Main Tera Hero”.

Hansika Motwani – The Regional Actress 

The woman with a wheatish white complexion giving an absolute shine to her admirers, Hansika Motwani was born on 9 August 1991. She has been a child actress and maybe that pinch has never actually faded. Along with Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, she has also been actively seen in Malayalam and Kannada movies. She could be called a “regional” actress as she works in movies of maximum languages than any other actress. It is known that young actress Hansika Motwani made her acting debut with most handsome telugu actor Allu Arjun’s Desamudhuru.

Anushka Shetty – The Perfect Diva 

Sweety Shetty who is popular by her stage name, Anushka Shetty was born on 7 November 1981. She is a perfect diva and one of the most beautiful actresses in South Indian Cinema. She has always been primarily and completely devoted to Tamil and Telugu cinema. All her films have been hits and she is the best example of a versatile actress molding into any role with perfection. Her recent super blockbuster hit was Bahubali 2. 

Nidhhi Agerwal – Actress with a Dancing Shoe

Niddhi Agerwal is a dancer and actress, frequently appearing in Telugu and Tamil films. She also made her Bollywood debut in “Munna Michael” alongside Tiger Shroff. She’s quite young and her innocence is practically visible. She’s tender but confident and this often reveals in the roles she plays. 

Kajal Aggarwal – The Beautiful One

The South Indian actress, Kajal Aggarwal is one of the most popular actresses in South Indian Cinema. She has also appeared in Bollywood films a few times alongside some great co-actors. She was born on 19 June 1985, and even at this age, she is remarkably beautiful and chirpy. The way she smiles is the most enlightening part of her overall personality.

Trisha Krishnan – Actress with a Little Girl’s Face  

Being one of the most popular and high-paid actresses in South Indian Cinema, Trisha Krishnan is a very well-established South Indian actress. You could practically see her in every next film that is made over there. Born on 4 May 1983, she is 38 as of now, but dare to tell that by only looking at her. She has this little girl’s face and even her voice complements that. She is one of the cutest actresses with beautiful well-being. 

Nayanthara – Most Celebrated South Indian Actress

The actress that comes at number 12th in our list of 21 most beautiful South Indian actresses in 2021 is Nayanthara. Born on 18 November 1984, she is the most popular actress in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films. She is the first actress to be in Forbes India “Celebrity 100”, gaining a hyped increase in her admirers. She’s a true Indian beauty, always affectionating her regional culture the way she dresses and presents herself. She’s a perfect idol of an Indian woman.

Shriya Saran Bhatnagar – Actress with Magic in her Eyes 

Looking like a proper South Indian woman and well adapted to everything, Shriya Saran is an established actress in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films. She’s not only an actress but a trained dancer as well. Her role in the Bollywood movie, “Drishyam” was much appreciated. Her overall personality is quite welcoming and positive. To be specific, her eyes have a different essence of magic in them.  

Rashi Khanna – A Russian Beauty

Rashi Khanna is a South Indian actress. She has also made her supporting debut in Bollywood with the movie, “The Madras Cafe”. Her personality is well, bold and her eyes shine with confidence. She’s also an established singer. Although she’s Indian, somehow has a Russian touch to her beauty.

Eesha Rebba – Tenderness is her Personality 

Born on 19 April 1990, Eesha Rebba is a Telugu actress. She hasn’t done many blockbuster films but is adversely known for her beauty and personality. She’s tender and amazingly sweet all over. 

Keerthy Suresh – The Bold Actress

Keerthy Suresh, working in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films, is a well-known actress. She started as a child actress but with much boldness in her personality always. She has won several awards for her commendable performances. She’s sweet, beautiful, and seems much more mature than her age rather suggests. We wave her at number 16th in this listicle.

Regina Cassandra – Actress with Admiring Eyes 

Regina Cassandra works in Telugu and Tamil films. Born on 13 December 1990, she has a perfect personality with a perfect smile. She has done many movies and is very popular not only for her acting but her beauty as well. There’s no doubt that several audiences admire her for that.

Anupama Parameswaran – As Chirpy as Her  

Anupama Parameswaran is a Telugu and Malayalam actress. Much younger for her profession, she is an exclusive artist with a chirpy and welcoming personality. Her tender, sweet and child-like nature is a point-making aspect.

Mehreen Pirzada – Too Young to be Mature

Working in several successful films, she has overachieved her goals at this age in Telugu and Tamil movies. Mehreen Pirzada is amazingly beautiful indeed, but too mature for her age. She was born on 5 November 1994 and is only 26 years old. But one could never think of her like this much young by only looking at her. She’s best fitted into “too young to be mature”.

Aathmika – Embracing her Way In 

Not only has a beautiful face and body is important, but handling and presenting it in an embracing way is also quite important, and no doubt she does that. Aathmika, born on 9 February 1995, has worked in very few Telugu films as of now but is a great inspiration for her grace. 

Nivetha Thomas – One with an Exquisite Smile

Last but not the least, Nivetha Thomas is number 21st in our list of 21 most beautiful South Indian actresses in 2021. She majorly appears in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films. She was born on 2 November 1995, and even at such a young age, she has done a tremendous and appreciable amount of work. Not only that, she’s amazingly pretty and has an exquisite smile giving the people around her all the positivity they might need.

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