16 Topmost Important Items on Your Mobile Journalism (Mojo) Checklist

Smartphones have revolutionized the world and  one of the biggest developments of this era is Mobile Journalism. Also known as Mojo, this phenomenon has made news reporting more accessible, flexible, and pocket-friendly. We see a lot of independent journalists mushrooming, thanks to this wonder called a smartphone. Listed below are 16 important items that must be there on your Mojo Checklist.

These 4 are the mandatory items on your Mojo Checklist

Smart Phone

Traditional equipment used in journalism is bulky and expensive. Smartphones help you record, edit, and publish stories hassle-free, making the process much more affordable, flexible, and quicker. It is important to choose a smartphone with HD video and audio quality (minimum 1080p), adequate storage space, processing power, and compatibility with all the apps required for mobile journalism

External Light

Your smartphone cameras are not usually capable of performing well in low light conditions. The mobile phone flash has its limitations. An external light source will come in handy for more efficient coverage. You can adjust it to the required brightness and color temperature and capture well-balanced and aesthetic shots regardless of time and place.

Handheld Rig

Rigs increase the stability of your shots, thereby making your end-product look flawless. It becomes particularly important when capturing active, fast-moving images and challenging shots that will need physical exertion for long durations. Clumsy images will make you look unprofessional and also take away from the viewing experience of your audience, thereby failing to create the desired impact.

External Video Microphone 

One of the most important facets of a good video is its sound quality. Compromising on the audio quality will dampen the viewer experience. The in-built microphones in smartphones have limitations and the background clutter makes matters worse. An external microphone will do wonders when it comes to sound quality. Equipped with a windscreen, windshield, wind-muff, and shock mount, it will also block external noises like wind, leading to a desirable end-product.

These 5 items ensure a smooth and uninterrupted coverage.

Power Bank

Your smartphone being the heart of your Mojo project, needs to be charged at all times. You cannot afford to have your battery drained out while capturing an important scoop. A power bank will help you ensure uninterrupted coverage without worrying about access to the power supply.

Long Charging Cable

A short cable requires you to rest your phone in the duration of its charging, thereby putting breaks on your coverage. A long charging cable helps you capture news stories without pauses, especially when you cannot afford to expend time to keep your device on standby. It is mandatory to check the USB type that is compatible with your device and choose accordingly.


It is important to ensure that audio quality is on point as and when recording, as you cannot go back to re-record an interview because of sound issues. Earphones let you accurately gauge the audio quality while recording an interview so that you can take the necessary steps to improve the quality before it is too late.

External Storage – SD card

Your phone’s storage capacity is limited and you will find yourself having to delete information, to make space for new data. At other times, your data might be subjected to accidental deletions. Using external storage devices like pen drives and memory cards will ensure that you don’t have to compromise on important information because of space issues. It will also ensure that your data is safe.

External Storage – OTG Mobile Pen drives

On-The-Go pen drives can be directly connected to your smartphones without requiring a PC. You don’t have to worry about your smartphone memory getting full as you can immediately transfer it to your OTG pen drive and hence making space for new data.

These 7 items are optional but assist in enhancing your reporting experience

Earphone Carrying Case

Mobile journalism requires you to be on the move at all times. This could mean misplacing or damaging your precious belongings amidst the hustle-bustle. Securing your earphones in a case will prevent damage and also reduce the chances of loss.

OTG Card Reader

An OTG card reader lets you access data stored on your memory cards using your smartphone. Hence you don’t have to carry around a PC to access the information.

Mini Memory Card Storing Pouch

Oftentimes, minuscule items like memory cards have a way of magically disappearing without a trace. Memory card pouches act as safety shields, protecting your memory card from damages or escaping into oblivion.

Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit

The quality of your camera lens can make or break your picture quality. The camera lens can be extremely fragile and prone to abrasions. Hence, safeguarding it in a kit is necessary for its longevity.

Lavalier Microphone

They are miniature microphones that are hinged close to your subject’s mouth. They are handy and less intimidating, keeping your subject at ease to divulge necessary information.

Tripod with Mobile Mount 

Tripods let you capture perfect images smoothly and stably. Mounting your mobile on a tripod will ensure a smooth, jerk-free capturing experience, especially when it comes to action shots and close-up shots.

Octopus Tripod with Mobile Mount

Octopus tripod derives its name from the shape of its legs which are flexible and can be wrapped around objects. They are easier to carry and also can be placed in a variety of positions to capture the perfect shot.

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