List of Bollywood Songs That Can Help You Compliment A Boy

Being a little dramatic has never harmed anyone has it? And being an Indian specially you can’t possibly miss to have a little drama and zing in your life. And the best part of Bollywood? It’s songs. And if you have been thinking the perfect way to praise a boy, Hindi songs are the best for this purpose.

The beauty of Bollywood songs lies in itself. Be it the lyrics, the rhythm or the tune. It is so beautiful and wholesome for everybody that has the ear for it. It is nearly impossible to miss out the essence of Hindi songs even if you are not an ardent listener of Bollywood songs.

We are often confused how to compliment a boyfriend, or in describing the personality of a boy or even describe a guy friend. It doesn’t matter if you’re old school or like the modern songs, Bollywood provides you with multiple options to choose from! Though there are very few Bollywood songs that are attributed only to males, but there are a bunch of songs that go well with both the genders. So, if you want to compliment a boy, you can try out the female versions of those songs. In this article we have put together a brilliant playlist and would recommend to you so that you can convey your feelings for that special friend without the trouble of having to surf the web for hours to find That perfect song.

  1. Uden Jab Jab Zulfen Teri – (Naya Daur)
  2. Ye Ladka Hay Allah Kaisa Hai Diwana – (Hum Kisise Kum Naheen)
  3. Jag Ghoomeya Thare Jaisa Na Koi – (Sultan) – Female Version
  4. Tattad Tattad – (Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela)
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