5 Best Tablet for Kids in India

This is the new generation where your kids start asking for technology from a very early age and even you, the parent, feel obligated to provide your child with it. But what use does a kid even have? They just wanna watch their favorite cartoon, read some funny comics and play some games. 

All these requirements are best fulfilled with a tablet which is made specifically for kids which keeps them entertained while the parental controls allow you to keep your kids away from misusing it. Tablets are also an excellent source of learning because of their visual and interactive learning capabilities.

So here is our list of the best tablets you can buy for your kids.

Apple iPad (10.2 inch)

Apple is a powerhouse in terms of technological devices and this Apple iPad is nothing short of amazing. This is an extremely well built and easy to use tablet which is suitable for all ages and especially kids. This tablet is attachable with a full keyboard if you wish to use it as your own from time to time for any work.

Apple has serious privacy and safety settings embedded into all their devices so you won’t have to worry about your kid misusing the tablet. While you can also install some third party apps to maintain and limit what your kid does on his tablet.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0

If you’re looking for an android alternative for a tablet then this tablet is a decent option for you. Though the specs are a bit underwhelming considering the price. It has all the android apps available on the google play store. This tablet provides for a budget friendly option for all types of media and even android gaming.

This tablet has a time setting feature which allows you to monitor and limit what the tablet is used for with a batter that can last for hours.

LeapPad smart tablet

Now for a more kid centric tablet. This tablet as the name suggests is made specially for the kids using inputs from various child experts to give your child the best tablet. It comes with various preloaded apps, books and videos which will keep your kids educated and entertained for hours. The best feature of this tablet is that its apps are segregated according to age.

It is an android device which gives access to all the apps on the app store. To counter the fact that kids are highly susceptible to drop their tablet or drop something on the tablet. The tablet comes with an Food-grade bumper screen and also a scratch resistant screen guard to protect your tablet from everything your kid has to throw at it.

Lenovo Tab M10

The Lenovo Tab 10 is another budget friendly choice with some decent specs. This can be used as a family tablet thanks to its profile feature coupled with face recognition unlocking. It has an inbuilt kid mode which can easily be accessed before you give this tablet to your kids. This mode keeps your kids safe while also keeping them entertained.

The eye protection technology reduces fatigue on the eye as the parental controls let you keep an eye on what your kid does and also for how long among other things. It has decent inbuilt storage with the option to expand which is more than enough for any use and a long battery life to go with all this.

leapfrog epic academy 

This tablet from leapfrog provides for full parental control and is widely considered as the most kid safe tablet. It comes with preloaded kids educational content. The main caveat is that it runs on the very old Android 4.4 Kitkat which is a very old version of the android. But that shouldn’t be much of an issue as your kid isn’t likely to notice such a thing and would already be occupied by the content the tablet already comes filled with.


Tablets play an important role in every kid’s life nowadays. It not only gets them familiar with technology from an early age but also plays a major role in getting them indulged in learning through various visual learning methods and ease of access. Giving your kid a tablet will also keep them engaged and entertained in other things while you do your work or through a road or any other trip. 

There is no need to get your kid the best laptop out there. Instead, stick to a tablet which is especially made for kids or which can act more like a kids tablet. The reason for this being that this allows you to have high level parental controls on your phone to monitor and limit what your kids do on their tablet. Giving them a tablet is definitely a good idea but do make sure that the screen time is limited for even a good thing in excess can be a bad thing.

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