Top 10 Education Learning Mobile Apps For Kids in 2022

In the era of digitalisation, where everything converts into digital platforms, there is also a change in education into electronic education. Where education is just one click away. Mobile learning apps brought a revolutionary change to the education system. During this severe pandemic, e-learning apps play a major role in educating your kids with ease. E-learning apps can make learning easy for kids and bring their imagination into virtual reality. E-learning helps kids grow and understand things clearly and efficiently. E-Learning offers numerous benefits in the education system. These educational apps help kids to explore and enhance their skills.

7 Benefits for e-learnings apps

  1. E-learning apps provide a virtual experience.
  2. It provides a better understanding of concepts. 
  3. Provide education anywhere or anytime with just one click. 
  4. E-learning apps provide freedom from the crowd and explain concepts according to the kids’ learning speed.
  5. E-learning makes education easy for kids but also reduces stress for their parents.
  6. E-learning apps create a virtual ambiance that helps kids to brain development. 
  7. The arrival of e-learning apps makes education more interesting and accessible for kids. 
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10 awesome e-learning apps which provide easy learning for kids are:

1. Khan Academy

This Educational app is an award-winning app for kids. This is the best app for young age kids from two to seven. Khan Academy app focuses on reading, writing, maths, and literature. The app helps kids to engage in studies and also encourages them to explore their creativity.

2. Class Dojo

ClassDojo is an interesting ‘virtual classroom learning app’ for kids. That provides interaction between the parents, kids, and teachers. This app provides kids with the benefit to communicate with their teachers about doubts, educational queries. Parents can also contact teachers about their kid’s performance, progress, and growth. By this, the parents can provide the required attention to their kids to give better knowledge. This app amazingly provides the experience of real class with students and teachers communication. With the benefit of direct interaction between the parents, teachers, and students. 

3. DragonBox

DragonBox is a fun series of educational games that educate Math fundamentals with interesting and fun-making activities. In total, there are five e-learning apps for maths which also include geometry and algebra. Kids generally think that maths is tough but it can be fun for kids if taught with simple visuals. 

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4. Moose Math

Moose Math is the Best Counting App for Kids. Kids love to play this game and learn while enjoying their education. Moose Math is a game that teaches math concepts to kids in a creative way. 

5. Duolingo

Every parent wants to make their kids learn foreign languages. Duolingo is the best option if you are looking for an easy foreign learning app for kids. This app teaches a variety of foreign languages, such as English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, and more. 

6. Flow Free

Flow free is an amazing and fun puzzle game for kids of all ages. About 2000 puzzles are available for free on this app. Also, there is an optional purchase for the expansion of the pack. 

7. Spelling Stage

Spelling Stage is an app to improve spelling and vocabulary. Kids find it difficult to learn to spell. But this app develops an interest in practicing spelling. Also, its subscription provides a wide variety of words for every age group. 

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8. Quick Maths

Quick Maths aimed to make the kids familiar with numbers. This app provides general math skills of 2 to 6 class kids with fun and easy learning. This app helps kids to tackle the difficulties and challenges in maths and is also for self-improvement. 

9. YouTube Kids

YouTube kids app is one of the best e-learning apps for kids. Youtube Kids are specially made for kids to provide educational videos and creative content to inspire kids and brain development. It offers an easy way to learn by watching their favourite shows. It helps in improving exploring power by capturing the imagination.

10. Crossword Puzzles

The crossword puzzles app is helpful for kids to learn. This app is for education and fun. This app teaches many aspects of learning. It helps kids to improve and excel. Also, encourage the kids to learn and improve.

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