10 Best Dog Toys for Yorkies

If you have a Yorkie you know how active and curious they can be. As Yorkies are descendants of the Terrier breed they have the innate instinct for hunting prey. This drive makes them very energetic and fierce. Hence Yorkies need to be mindfully engaged most of the time. So in order to keep your Yorkie in their best physical as well as mental state, here are some toys that you can use for your Yorkie to play with.

To utilise a Yorkie’s abundant energy and hunt drive you can use some of these toys. These toys will help in keeping your Yorkie engaged and prove to be a good outlet for all that abundant energy:-

The Kong Wobbler

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This small but durable toy will help in focusing your Yorkie’s drive and curiosity for a long time. The hole on the surface of the toy helps the Yorkie receive bite sized treats as they play around with the toy. As Yorkies are prone to have low blood sugar due to their small size, this toy is the best to keep feeding your Yorkie in between meal times.

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Outward Hound Squirrel puzzle toy

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A Yorkie needs a lot of mental stimulation along with the physical exertion. This puzzle toy allows your dog to stay interested and stimulated by piquing their curiosity. The toy has numerous squirrels inside the log which squeak when chewed on by your Yorkie. This toy will bring forth a Yorkie’s hunting drive and keep them engaged for hours.

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Pet Zone IQ Treat toy

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This small ball sized toy has space inside it to be filled up with your Yorkies favourite treat. As your dog plays with the toy, the treats inside make noise which makes the Yorkie more intrigued. The hole on the surface allows the treats to fall out one by one which allows the Yorkie to stay engaged and also allows you to feed your dog and keep their blood sugar in check.

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Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle

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This interactive puzzle play set allows you to hide dog treats in cute little compartments which can be opened by your dog by sliding or flipping the compartment tops. The toy comes with removable chewable bone pieces which help the Yorkie stay involved in the game. The puzzle offers an exciting challenge for your dog.

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Yorkshire terriers are also known to have attachment issues and separation anxiety. So on the days that you can not be with your Yorkie here are some toys that will help your dog overcome their anxiety of separation from you:-

Wickedbone Smart Bone

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This bone shaped mini robot plays with your Yorkie and keeps them occupied. The smartbone has a small voice box inside it which allows it to make sweet chirping noises that imitate the sound of small vermins, a Yorkie’s prey. Once your Yorkie runs after it runs away and if your dog gets bored of chasing the toy the toy runs after your dog and chases after them. This effective interactive toy distracts your Yorkie from your absence and helps in anxiety.

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Snuggle puppy heartbeat toy

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This toy provides your Yorkie with a soft and comfy place for your dog to lay on when feeling anxious or depressed. The toy comes with a heating pad inside it which helps in providing the Yorkie with warmth and human-like presence. A rhythmic vibrating beat emanates from the toy to soothe the dog. This toy can help your dog sleep easily through the time when you are not around.

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Puppy heartbeat mat

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This blanket-like mat comes with a heartbeat vibration emitting sensors which makes the Yorkie feel like they are laying on top of their owner. This mat is super helpful to calm a stressed out dog. The mat is very easy to carry around as it is compact and thus can also be taken along while you and your dog are travelling. Yorkies are easily triggered by loud noises, in those cases this mat helps in distracting the dog from those sounds and makes them focus on the vibrations coming from the mat.

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Your Yorkie may need some additional help while they are teething. Here are some toys that can help with the teething process of a Yorkie. These toys also help in maintaining your dog’s dental and oral hygiene:-

Bristle bone chew toy

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This toy is durable and comes with soft bristles which help in releasing some of the pressure from the teething gums and exercise your Yorkie’s jaw. The nylon nubs and bristles prove to be excellent cleaner for adult Yorkie’s teeth. The small compartment in the bone allows you to put chewy treats in the toy which helps in feeding your dog easily.

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Dog slow feeders

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These rubber bowl covers come with bristles inside them. You can put these covers over your dog’s feeding bowl and put the food inside. These slow feeder’s bristles help in slowing down your dog’s feeding speed. The bristles also help in cleaning the Yorkie’s teeth and gums. The bristles can reach to the farthest parts of the dog’s mouth and remove plaque and remaining food particles.

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Squeaky chew toys

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These toys are made of soft fur and no stuffing which makes them mess-free as there is no possibility of any stuffing falling out of the toy. The toy is designed as real looking animals and squeaks when they are chewed on by the dog. They are highly durable and won’t tear apart when your Yorkie tugs at them. The help in exercising your Yorkie’s jaw and gums.

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