Best BTS Songs For Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the greatest way to share the most enjoyable moments of life with all your friends and followers. And what better way to do so than having some groovy, fun, and hypnotic BTS songs as background. A background tune can make or break your Instagram story and with these BTS songs, you will only receive compliments. So be ready to bust some moves and actions to these amazing BTS songs and put them up in your Insta stories for the whole world to see how you have fun; 


DNA is a dynamic song with a hype-worthy beat. You can start your Instagram story by whistling along with Jungkook at the beginning and then proceed on to do the iconic DNA step by tap the wrist of your one hand with the other hand and you get your first BTS-inspired fantastic Instagram Story.

Not Today

Not Today is dark, rich, rock, and really cool. I mean, what else do you need as the perfect background for your Instagram story? Start by acting out the steps of the Not Today music video, or create your own step while looking furious and move along to the beat of the Not Today song by BTS.

Airplane Pt. 2

A perfect dance-worthy groovy song, Airplane Pt. 2 takes inspiration from Middle Eastern and Latin culture and infuses them perfectly in their Korean way. The song is catchy and makes you want to tap your feet along to the beat. And what better to record yourself for your Instagram Story than you enjoy and vibe to the music of Airplane Pt. 2.

So What

An electronic, summer beach party, and cool song all into one takes the form in So What by BTS. So What follows the amazing verses from BTS members and around the chorus, you hear the vocal line of the seven-membered group shouting with vigor ‘So What’. And that’s what you should do too in your Instagram story. Stand in front of the camera and sing along to the song ‘So What’ energetically, and there’s the perfect Insta story you wanted now done.


There’s no song currently as head-bang worthy as BTS’s UGH! While the rap line of BTS which consist of three members, RM, Suga, and JHope, rap along with their verses in the song UGH!, expressing their frustrations, you can headbang along in your Instagram story and pretend as if you are watching a live BTS concert from your room. You might not even have to pretend, UGH! is mesmeric enough to make you forget about anything else and vibe to its beat. 

A few other songs, apart from the previously mentioned BTS songs that you can put up in your Instagram Story as background are Dynamite, Dis-ease, Jamais Vu, Filter, Boy in Luv, Friends, My Time, and more. So open Instagram, turn on the front camera off your phone, and make the perfect Insta stories of your life moments with BTS songs playing in the background. 

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