How to Clear Out A Blocked Nose by This Wonderful Pressure Point Technique

Stuffy noses are very hard as well as irritating to deal with. I bet all of you out there have faced the challenge to sleep peacefully with a blocked nose. Because at some point, it is just Impossible. A blocked nose keeps you up at night, disrupts your work life and hampers your mood as well. It is so irritating isn’t it?

Inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses are the main reason behind a clogged nose. This inflammation is generally caused as a result of the flu, allergies, sinuses as well as the common cold. But no matter what the reason is, there are so many effective ways in which you can relieve it.

In this article we have talked about such a method in which you can get positive relief in a very short amount of time. With the pressure point technique, you can get immediate results! We have explained this technique step by step in this article so that it comes handy to you whenever a blocked nose affects you!

The wonders of pressure points for clearing out a blocked nose:-

Pressing on the pressure points relieves you from congestion and blocks your nose.

  • Place a finger on the sides of your nostrils and apply pressure. 
  • Put pressure on the area of your eyebrows.
  • Apply slight pressure on the inner corner of the eyes after shutting them close, mainly on the side of the bridge of the nose.
  • Shut your eyes and lay your finger on the outer corner of your eyes and put slight pressure there.
  • Put pressure on the area just below your eyes.
  • Place 2 fingers on the centre of the collar bone and apply pressure. Then, move these fingers on the area around it, applying the same pressure as you move your fingers.
  • Acupressure works relatively well to help relieve congestion. Press the joint between your thumb and forefinger for 2-4 minutes. 

Habits to imbibe for dealing with the common cold:-

The focus shouldn’t be only on remedy but the change in overall lifestyle. Some important habits to imbibe in yourself are:-

  • Drink warm water as often as you can because it keeps the system warm.
  • Stay away from foods like banana and salad as they are cold-related foods. 
  • Prefer sleeping on the left side.
  • Get that vitamin D from sunlight. It keeps you warm.
  • Avoid fried, oily foods.
  • Ditch the milk and milk products for some time. They increase the symptoms of cough.
  • Wear socks before going to bed and keep them on while sleeping. This keeps you warm at night.
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