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22 Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend

Isn’t it true that boyfriends are the cutest creatures on the planet? A boyfriend listens to your ranting about a hectic day. He looks after you and makes sure you don’t go starving. A boyfriend pampers you as well, but most importantly, your boyfriend is dedicated to you and always there for you. In times of need, he is a loyal friend. Kudos for finding such a wonderful boyfriend. Is your boyfriend, on the other hand, a little annoying? Do you want to irritate him? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of 22 of the top ways to annoy partners, whether you’re in a long-distance or live-in relationship. Keep scrolling.

Interrupt him while playing games

If your boyfriend absolutely loves playing video games and you hate that, here is your cue. If you are in a long-distance relationship, just call him continuously and send him texts constantly. Trust me, this is a very efficient way.

Do not reply to his messages

If you guys are in a long-distance relationship and he continuously ignores your texts, make him taste his own medicine. Seenzone all his texts. This will drive him crazy, and he will be super annoyed.

Tell him other guys are flirting

If you really, really want to annoy your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship, just tell him some guy is constantly flirting with you. He will be so annoyed, and he might even take the next flight back to you.

Call him constantly till he is irritated

If your boyfriend lives far away and has gone out with friends, text or call him constantly to get him annoyed. Don’t always do this, otherwise, you will be termed as ‘needy’. Do it only when you want to annoy him.

Act like you are late

If you guys are in a long-distance relationship and only get to meet occasionally, do this to annoy your boyfriend. If he is coming to town and you are waiting for him at the airport, just tell him that you have not reached it yet, and you will be a bit late. This will annoy him so much because he has not seen you for days, and on top of that, you are late. (don’t be late though, just play a prank).

Take way too much time to get ready

Boys get very annoyed when girls take loads of time to get ready. So, take all your time to get ready and see how you get on his nerves.

Pretend to be jealous

Men hate it when their girlfriends are always jealous and here is your cue. Be that crazy, jealous girlfriend for a while and annoy him.

Talk continuously while watching tv

If your boyfriend is watching a very interesting movie or an important match, talk to him continuously. After a while, he will be so freaked out.

Reply all his texts with HMM

Reply to all his text with a hmm. Everyone hates being replied to just with “hmm.” This thing will surely get on his nerves.

Be clingy to you boyfriend

If you want to annoy your boyfriend, be super clingy to him when his friends are around. Trust me, girl, he will be so annoyed.

Eating all his food

If you want to really annoy your boyfriend, here is what you need to do: tell him you don’t want to eat anything when he asks what to order. Later, when the food arrives, eat all his food.

Steal all his clothes

One of the best and classic methods of annoying your boyfriend is by stealing his clothes. Steal his hoodies, shirts, sweatpants, and everything.

Change the channel when he is watching TV

Do you want to annoy your boyfriend? Simply change the channel when he is watching football, cricket, or basketball matches. Do this and he will be super annoyed.

Ask him if he still loves you

If you want to annoy your boyfriend, here is that one question that drives men crazy, “do you still love me?”. He will be super mad and super annoyed, trust me on this.

Talk to him about your ex

If your boyfriend is a ‘jealous’ type, here is your cue. Talk about your exes. This thing will drive him crazy.

Give him spoilers

If you guys are watching a movie together that you have watched before and it is super interesting. Give him all the spoilers. You will see him annoyed like never before.

Put makeup on him

This is the cutest and most annoying thing you can do. Put some super chic makeup on him forcefully and click some pictures. Later, blackmail him with the pictures. He will be so mad.

Take a very long shower

Men get very annoyed when women take hours to have a good bath. Do that to him. Do not get out of the bathroom even if he needs to go. He will go crazy, trust me.

Clog his drain with your hair

Clogged hair drives guys crazy. So, just simply clog his drains with your hair. He will be freaked out and might make you clean it.

Show up on guys’ night

If you want to annoy your boyfriend, simply show up on a guy’s night. He will be super mad and annoyed and so will be his friends, coz you just ruined their plans for the whole night.

Check his phone in front of him

Look through his phone or pretend to do so. This will get anyone annoyed. (Make sure he knows you are just playing a prank.)

Change the music continuously

Next time, when you guys are playing music, change the music after every 2 mins. This will get on his nerves. Trust me, girl, he will be so freaked out.

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