Top 10 Famous (but Silly) Indian Superstitions And The Possible Logic Behind Them

India is a land of culture, a rich history, and myths. Yes, myths and superstition surround every Indian’s life, whether they believe it or not. If you live in India or spent some time here, you must have noticed how much people seem to believe these myths as true. Myths and superstitions go hand in hand for a significant portion of the Indian population, so much so that one out of every two Indians seems to believe a myth or superstition to have some logical reason behind them. A majority of Indians take some general myths as rules and follow their life around these specifications. While some myths are globally common all over the world, such as the danger a black cat brings when it crosses the road before you, there are certain myths and superstitions that are particular to Indian society. Let us learn some brief details about a few of these myths that Indian people, in general, seem to believe and follow in their regular day to day life;

10 Myths and Superstitions That You Wouldn’t Believe Are Followed In India.

The Curse Of The Black Cat

Yes, the general curse of the black cat is popular around the globe and unsurprisingly in India too. It is not the fault of the poor cat, this myth actually originates from Egypt where they considered black cats to be evil creatures. In India, black cats are believed to be a form of Shani thus, the black cat is considered to be a malefic creature that only brings bad luck to someone whose bath has been crossed prior to by a black cat. So, we wait after a black cat passes the way, pray to god, and then proceed on, some people even avoid the same way altogether. 

Do Not Groom Your Hair and Nails On a Saturday

Cancel your trips and plans to go to the salon or spa if you are living in India where myths are generally believed, that is in the like majority of places around the country. As the faith against grooming yourself on a Saturday goes, the practice is followed to avoid raging Shani Dev or God, who is known as the harbinger of bad luck. 

Unlucky Number, AKA 13

Another globally believed myth is the number 13 being unlucky. We Indians are so devoted to believing these myths and superstitions that we avoid writing the number 13 everywhere, from apartment numbers to hotel numbers even some hotels just cancel out the 13th-floor level entirely, so as to avoid instances of paranoid customers and stayers. 

Goddess of Wealth Will Run Away If You Sweep Floors in The Evening

It may sound a little crazy but it is genuinely something a lot of Indians do believe in. The Goddess of Wealth, or Laxmi as she is known to be called in Hindu Mythology, comes to visit homes in the evening. So sweeping your house’s floor with a broom would be considered immoral, because it would amount to sweeping away the Goddess of Wealth herself from your residence. 

Having bad dreams? Keep onion and knife under your bedsheet

The answer to your nightmares is solved in the Indian way by following the tactics such as keeping onions and a knife under your bedsheet. Though considered a myth or superstition by many, the onion and knife are meant to scare away negative energy. This practice is widely done in case of a newborn baby cries a lot and the baby’s family member perceives it as to because of nightmare haunting the dreams of the child. 

Shaking your legs will drive wealth away

While you may think that shaking your legs in anticipation and nervousness only causes leg cramps in the run, many Indians believe in the myth that shaking your wealth causes financial prosperity to fly away from your grasp and luck. The logic behind this correlation between shaking of leg and losing your wealth is unfounded but we would recommend you not to shake your legs at interviews or any job prospects. 

Do not involve more than two to a task

What can be done by two people does not need a third. This comes from a general Indian mythical belief that the involvement of a third person in a task or discussion that could that only require the efforts of two is an inadequate practice or a grave step to harness. We do agree with this Indian myth because three into an equation of two never works out. 

Twitching of eyes brings bad omen

Ever felt your eye twitch in front of someone and heard them say, something wrong is going to happen to you soon? That is a famous myth or superstition that is widely believed in India. Twitching of the eye, which science regards as a scene of dry eye or lack of sleep, is perceived as an omen to foreseeable danger into a person’s life according to some Indians. 

If You Eat Food From The Plate Offered To God, Your Marriage Day Will be Hampered By Rain

God has an omnipresent and pivotal role in most Indians’ life, so much so that we do not take any step that would lead us to face the wrath or dissatisfaction of God. It is assumed in Indian society that if you eat from the plate of food offered to God (an idol of God), your marriage day will be ruined by rain. Now no one wants a downpour of rain to occur on their wedding day, does anyone? So keep away from the god’s offering, no matter how hungry you are. 

Do not wash your hair on a Thursday

Indians myth and superstitions are most of the time very particular, such as in the case of this where it is said that we must not wash our hair on a Thursday. Apparently, washing your hair on a Thursday drives the blessing from Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi away. Well, we don’t want that. So, some Indians believe this superstition to its core and avoid bathing altogether on Thursdays. 

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