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12 Things to Do With Your Sister When You’re Bored

Be it a boring Sunday, without any plans with anybody or a lazy afternoon, life’s easy when you have a sister at home. Sisters are the best friends, the partners in crime that anyone can ever ask for. They are gonna stick to your side no matter what and even save you from getting a scolding from your parents! They are there when you need a partner in those boring family gatherings, or give you the shoulder to cry on whenever you went through a breakup.

There’s always a special bond that exists between two sisters or between a brother and a sister. So, it’s important to spend some quality time with your sisters as well. Whenever you are at home and getting bored, do not always stick to your phone. Rather, you can do a number of fun things with your sister or engage in several activities that you can both enjoy together. Here is a list of fun things to do together with your sister to kill boredom at home.

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Interview Each Other Like Celebrities

Make Short Videos For Social Media

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Play Instruments

Mobile Games


Watch a Bollywood Movie

Play Catch

Truth & Dare

Watch Korean Dramas Online

Annoy Each other Challenge

Make a scary prank call to your sister

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