Top 10 most handsome Japanese actors

The rising popularity of East-Asian Popular Culture and Drama’s have created a buzz over the internet. Girls are high over heels for actors and singers in East Asia. Japanese and Korean dramas and movies are in line with the most popular East Asian pop culture trends. 

List of the top 10 most handsome and cute Japanese Actors.

Ryo Nishikido

Ryo Nishikido is definitely one the most prolific young actors in Japan. His fans call me the most handsome actor and singer of this generation. Ryo is originally from Kadoma, Osaka and moved to Tokyo in 1997 to pursue a career in acting. Ryo has a huge fan following on social media. He has close to 1M followers on Insta and 180K subscribers on YouTube.

Kento Yamazaki

Named in Forbes Asia 100 digital stars, the dashing Kento Yamazaki comes from the Itabashi City in Tokyo. He is most famously known for his role as ‘L’ in the live-action dark television series ‘Death Note’. Apart from acting, the attractive young Kento is also a singer. He has a total of 137M views and counting on his music video Sayonara Elegy.

Masaki Okada

In the lists of most talented, good looking, and cute Japanese actors you will always find the Name of Masaki Okada. Famous for his role in the For You in Full Blossom – Ikemen Paradise as Sekime Kyogo, Okada is considered one of the most handsome actors in the Tokyo film industry. Masaki has made girls go crazy over his eyes, hair, jawline and kindness.

Teppei Koike

Next on our list of most handsome Japanese Actors is Teppei Koike. Who rose to fame through this television drama Tentai Kansoku. Teppei is also very popular on social media and has been noticed interacting with his fans from around the globe. In conclusion, Teppei is a humble, good looking and great actor.

Takeru Satoh

The dashing Kamen Rider Den-O star Takeru Satoh is next on our list. The 32-year-old is a crush of many girls from around the globe. Girls get mad over his bad boy look, his perfect jawline and shining eyes. Takeru is also considered one of the most skilled actors of his generation, and at times he has proved it as well.

Kenichi Matsuyama

The two time Japan Academy Award winner Kenichi Matsuyama is next on our list. Considered the cutest Japanese actor, Kenichi is known for his role in Death Note: The Last Name as ‘L’. His handsomeness has landed him with quite big brands such as Pepsi Nex, NTT DoCoMo, 2 percent fashion etc. Kenichi never fails to amaze people with his great acting skills. In short he is handsome and talented.

Sho Sakurai

The actor, tv host, former radio host, songwriter, newscaster and singer will surely be on the list of all-time most handsome Japanese actors. Sho Sakurai has stolen the hearts of many girls with his pretty smile and dashing looks coupled with innocent eyes. The multi-talented Sho is definitely one of the most handsome men working in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

Yamada Ryosuke

Actor and singer for popular J-Pop Hey! Say! JUMP Ryosuke Yamada is known to have the reputation of the hottest boy in Japan. Active in the J-Pop Culture since 2004 at the age of 11-years-old. He was the winner of the Japan Academy Award for Newcomers in 2016. He has a  huge fan following among J-Pop fans and would surely be considered in every list of most talented and handsome men in J-Pop.

Kentarô Sakaguchi

Kentarô started his career in modelling but later became an actor. He is a very popular, handsome face of the Japanese TV industry. He has been the leading face of Men’ Non-no, a magazine for men. He made his film debut in Shati Days 365 Days, Happy Breath as Shun.

Jun Matsumoto

The last name on our list is Jun Matsumoto. The multi-talented, cute, handsome Jun is a J-Pop singer, actor, radio host, and model. Starting his career in 1996, he is widely considered the most talented actor of his generation. Our list will be incomplete without adding this hot and skilled Japanese Actor.

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