10 Basic Must-Haves for a Woman’s Wardrobe in 2022

If you are in your teens or have just become an adult, it is quite obvious that you don’t want your wardrobe to look like an eight year old’s. You can now shop for yourself and must have opinions about the outfits you were; be it the colour or the type.

But it is difficult sometimes to pick out the perfect outfits for your wardrobe. And in the chaos of following the trendy crowd, it is often that we forget about the basics. Your wardrobe needs to be both classy and trendy. In this article we have picked out some of the trendiest outfits that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

White Full-Sleeved Shirt

You can never possibly get wrong with a crisp white shirt. You can tuck it in, leave it out, pair it with a skirt or a pair of high waist jeans. And if you are living in a hot country like India, this can be your ultimate comfort wear all year long. 

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts serve as a great office outfit. You can also wear it at a party, as well as wear it as casual wear. It is a real lifesaver. You can start with the solid colours and gradually move towards prints. Pair it with tank tops, t-shirts, formal shirts, etc. according to the occasion.

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Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are my absolute favourite clothing of all time. You can wear it at any possible occasion except when it is extremely hot outside. Style it with a t-shirt or even a crop top according to your mood.

Black Trousers

Your wardrobe would be incomplete without a pair of black trousers. It is an ABSOLUTE necessity as well as an all time life saver. You can pair it with a blouse or a shirt for work and a nice sequined top if you wanna go to a party or a turtle neck can be paired with it if you want to go casual.

Short Black Dress

Apart from the usual t-shirt dresses, a short black dress is what you should definitely buy right now for your wardrobe if you don’t own one already. This can serve a no-brainer for you on the nights you don’t want to think much about what to wear. And if you are a lover of the color black, you should definitely try this asap. 

Leather Jacket

Another must-have in the jacket section is this all time favourite Leather jacket. I find it more badass than any other outfit that is out there. Pair it with high heeled boots and a shirt, or even a dress, this outfit would be a standout. 

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Denim Shorts

If you are on a vacation this will absolutely serve your needs. It is simple, and works with everything and anything like a t-shirt or a tank top. 

Tank Tops

You can wear this with layers, high waist jeans, pencil skirts, shorts, or wear them with cardigans, blazers or denim jackets. You can pair them with basically EVERYTHING!  

High-Waist Jeans

You can wear high-waist jeans on a casual day as well as on a trip. This item of clothing is super versatile and it sure works on any body shape and is definitely a must-have for your wardrobe.


Bodysuits are very trendy nowadays. They are a life saver since you don’t have to worry about sudden tug-outs anymore. They are body hugging and look classy as well. 

We as Indians have to think well before expanding our wardrobes. Also, keep in mind that the more you own basics, more are the choices of mixing and matching those items. Adding these clothing items would help in forming your daily fuss-free style. You can also get creative and give room for experimenting more!

Elasika Gupta

Being a BA graduate with a humanities background has gifted me with the ability to understand the society at large with a wider scope of vision. This background also helped me better understand the lifestyle of people of the current generation. I let out that understanding in my articles covering all the topics related to lifestyle, entertainment and society in general. I aim for my words to be in synonym with the society and the lifestyle of the people and hence work towards it. I am also a YouTuber.

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