Best 5 Cafes and Restaurants in Pondicherry for Photoshoot in 2022

Puducherry, formerly known as Pondicherry (French: Pondichéry) is a union territory on the coast of Bay of Bengal and is bounded by the state of Tamil Nadu. It was the biggest French colony in India until 1954. Its French legacy is preserved in the mustard yellow French-style colonial villas, their walls draped in bougainvillea, chic boutiques, the artsy bright cafes and restaurants, streets lined with trees and beautiful churches with intricate designs. In other words, Pondicherry is a love-child of Indian and French culture. This French town is synonymous to French bakeries, frothy caffeine concoctions, crepes, croissants and lip-smacking French cuisine.

You can take a stroll or a bicycle ride down the streets of the dreamy White Town, i.e., the French quarters or grab a frothy cup of coffee in one of the quaint little cafes or indulge yourself in a shopping haul in one of the bohemian stores on the streets or promenade along the rocky beaches. Pondicherry is filled with these pleasant surprises around every corner.

To get a glimpse of Pondicherry’s beautiful café culture, we have listed our top picks of best cafes in Pondicherry for photoshoot. Go ahead and indulge yourselves in the savoury crepes, pastas and many other dishes that these cafes have to offer while exploring the boulevards and rues of Pondicherry. Your Instagram followers won’t be disappointed!

5 Must-Visit Instagrammable Cafes & Restaurants in Pondicherry For French Colony Photoshoot

1. Café des Arts

Cafe des arts pondicherry
Pic Credit: Manaswini

Situated on Suffren Street in White Town, this café comes with garden seating, vintage décor, quirky black murals on bright yellow walls and even an attached boutique. A 19th century building, bathed in mustard yellow, this café is quite popular with the crowds. A colourful rickshaw, covered in pink bougainvillea, will greet you on the door. This quaint café with its charming ambience should definitely not miss your Pondicherry café checklist. Head over for a hearty breakfast and don’t forget to try their famous crepes. However, don’t go there on a Tuesday because they remain closed on Tuesdays. If you are looking for best French restaurants in Pondicherry, visit Café Des Arts Le Dupleix Blueline Crepe In Touch Carte Blanche.

2. PY Café

PY cafe pondicherry
Pic Credit: Manaswini

Are you into pink pastel Pinterest aesthetics? Then you’re in for some surprise. This cute café, spread across two floors, is a break from the monotony of the old French style cafes that are spread all over the town. It is one of the newer additions, located in MG Road. This café is covered in cute Tumblr signboards, colourful pastel shaded furniture, artistic staircase décor and lots of mirrors. Head over for some amazing food and beer, click lots of Pinterest-y photos or play the board games with your friends. This café is a real gem in the heart of the town.

3. Coromandel Café & Restaurant

Coromandel Cafe Restaurant pondicherry
Pic Credit: Manaswini

Studded with elegant intricate décor, this café has been built where La Maison Rose used to be. With an astounding décor and white colonnade, this café is ideal for a lunch among the trees. There’s garden as well as indoor seating options. It has been beautifully restored, with pink walls, this quaint café and restaurant is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a martini at dusk. Don’t forget to try their spicy Bay of Bengal tiger prawn either prepared Creole style with fresh basils or poached in white wine with courgetti and crispy rice.

4. Earth Café

earth cafe pondicherry
Pic Credit: Manaswini

Palaise de Mahe, a French-colonial architecture inspired hotel, is a short stroll away from the promenade, right in the heart of White Town. The café of this hotel is Earth Café which is in the ground floor of the hotel. Head over to sip your coffee while enjoying a serene ambience overlooking the indoor pool, with a lot of tropical plants around. The extremely detailed quaint architecture and colonial furniture of the colonnade building will leave you gasping for breath. If you are taking a stroll down the lanes of White Town, a visit to this café is a must, even for a cup of coffee. The décor and ambience is simply astounding.

5. Auroville Bakery

Auroville Bakery
Pic Credit: Manaswini

Located in the outskirts, in the town of Auroville, this café is nestled right in the lap of nature. Known for its baguettes, teacakes, croissants, pains au chocolat, Auroville bakery is an excellent choice for a hearty breakfast. To top it all, everything on the menu is available at extremely reasonable prices. There is a separate bakery section right at the entrance. The café and its seating is a little on the inside. Freshly baked in wood-fired ovens, the items are also available in eggless variants.

Pondicherry is a melting pot of French colonial flavours and vibrant South Indian culture. This beach-side town is a haven for colonial-themed cafes serving delectable French cuisine and toothsome bakery items. It was not easy for us to pick out only 5 amongst all the cafes in and around the town but we have listed our 5 most favourite ones for you. Be it for the culinary offerings or the ambience and décor – you won’t be disappointed. Have a great time café-hopping in this sweet little town!

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