Best tile companies in Pakistan

In the middle of a renovation or construction but unsure where to get the best tiles from? Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. In this article we cover the best tiles company in Pakistan and also provide to you the links of each of their respective websites for your easy access. 

Currently ceramic tiles are the most favorite choice due to its low cost and a thinking shift of people towards their home. They are also highly durable and of a pretty high quality.

Which is the best tile company in Pakistan?

There are a number of major tile suppliers in Pakistan, but here is a list of the ones we consider to be the best choice for you. Still feel free to explore more on your own if you disagree with our picks.

The City Tiles

One of the most well known manufacturing companies in Pakistan and there’s a high chance you’ve already heard about them. With a total of 4 retail outlets ( 3 in Karachi and 1 in Lahore ) they also specialize in providing brilliant service to Architects, Interior designers, developers etc. working on homes throughout the Country.

They have an International presence which means that their experience can award you with so much healthy advice which can ensure a brilliant finish in your home. On top of all this their website is also user-friendly and super easy to navigate through. 

Pakistan Tiles & Ceramics (Pvt.) Ltd. (PTCPL)

Even though they are a bit new in this market, at the end of 2016 their growth has been exponential which was mainly due to their modern manufacturing technology and a great team of experts in their arsenal. These modern processes ensure a harder and more durable tile which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use while maintaining high quality. 

STCL (Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics Limited)

This company was the first ever company in the Ceramic field and till date maintains the spot as the market leader in Pakistan. It offers a wide collection of sizes, colors and designs. They also provide for international brands while still ensuring the best quality possible.


A multinational group manufacturing their tiles in China, Nigeria and in Pakistan with 20 showrooms, 200+ franchises and 3000+ dealers. Their loyalty to the “innovation, product quality and customer service” is a reliable source to trust them with the look of your house. Their team of experts will help you give your house the perfect finish by helping you from start to finish. 

Frontier Ceramics Limited 

After the FORTE brand took over Frontier Ceramics Limited in 2006, it has gained a lot of market recognition since then. Their arsenal includes more than 60 authorised dealers. Their products are not only competitive in Pakistan but also on a global level. 

National Tiles and Ceramics Limited

They are the first company to produce split tiles in Pakistan. This is possible because of them planting the most modern Extruded Vitrified ‘Split Tiles’ manufacturing plant. They are one of the market leaders but still continue to make innovative steps way faster than the competition. 

Some of their achievements in the innovative spectrum include Anti-skid tiles, Industrial & High traffic (Pavement) Tiles, Anti Static Tiles, Heat Resistant Insulation Tiles etc. These innovations provide for the highest quality possible in the market.

Karam Ceramics Limited

Their main goal, since their inception in 1979, has been to cater to the demands of the domestic markets. Karam Ceramics Limited is the only company to provide a complete range of products under one roof. They are widely recognised for their comfort, customer satisfaction and quality. They aim to deliver superior quality tiles at an affordable rate.

White Horse Ceramics 

Their dedication is centered towards bringing to their customers the tiles of finest style, comfort and design. Giving you the most beautiful flooring is their goal. Their tagline “Where limit is Beyond Imagination” emphasizes that the only limit to their manufacturing is the imagination of their customer. Which means that they’ll be able to provide you with any type of tile you wish for. Their international reach which consists of more than 11 countries only makes it easier for them to provide you with whatever you wish for.


In this article we provided you with a no. of tiles company which are considered to be the best in Pakistan. Though we can’t name a single company as superior to the others, that’s for you to choose. For making this choice we’ve also provided the links to each of their websites so you can go through their huge catalog and make a choice according to your preference. Through their website you can also contact the companies directly to clear any queries you might have about their product.

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