10 Things Only A Best Friend Understand

Living in a world where it is so difficult to differentiate friends from foes, having a best friend who always has your back is truly a very lucky and fortunate experience. A person whom you can trust with even the deepest and darkest secrets and can share anything with is scarce nowadays but if you do have that ‘someone’ in your life, you better never let them leave! So keeping all this in mind here is a quick list of things that only best friends understand-

10 Things Only Your Best Friend Can Know about You

Your Inside Jokes

Every best friend duo has their share of inside jokes that only ‘they’ understand and have a laugh about. However obscene or cruel the joke might be, you don’t have to worry about others judging you about it, because that’s something that the only two of you know and share, with other people not even having a clue about why the both of you are laughing your heads off !

The Death Stare

Best friends always have a person or a topic that they have absolute hatred for, mutually. So, whenever this person walks in and or that particular show is switched on while in a gathering, you share the look of disappointment with each other. No one else has to even understand why you keep making that face at each other all this time.

‘That’ Song

There must be a song that is among the favourites of the both of you and by no means would the two of you be tired of it playing on repeat. You can hear it a million times and still dance or hum along to it because that’s how special that song is to the both of you.

Your Crush

Best friends somehow always know whom the other one has a crush on even if they have not spoken about it previously, maybe magically. And with this knowledge comes great responsibility! Not only would they ever think of flirting with them but also they would never even let other people flirt with your crush, not under any circumstances!

Getting Drunk Together

Getting drunk with your friends is albeit fun, but getting drunk with your best friend? Bring it on! You can get drunk and even cry about your ex or even tell them your deepest secret but you would always know every word to leave your mouth remains a secret. You also have the most fun dancing and singing and doing whatever you like with them because you know  there will not be any judgement whatsoever.

Making Up After A Fight

No friendships can be perfect all the time can it? Even though best friends are the closest ones in the group they still might have differences and fights sometimes. But the best thing about this relationship is they always value their bond over any stupid quarell and know when its time to apologize and make up for the fight. The value of their friendship will always be more than a silly disagreement or a misunderstanding.


Sometimes when you see your best friend hanging out with another/guy or girl most of the time it is hard not to get jealous. Although sometimes it is understandable but other times they get jealous because of stupid reasons which then might lead to a misunderstanding or a fight. But the other one always knows how to make up for it, that’s the beauty of having a best friend.

Marrying Each Other Is Always The Last Resort

In case you and your best friend are of opposite gender and or you both identify as queer individuals, it is always a much discussed plan that you two would end up marrying each other in case both of you end up single at a certain age!

When Your BFF Accomplishes Something

However small or big it may be, an achievement always calls for a huge celebration. Your best friend is always your greatest supporter and hence deserves the best parties when it’s time for celebration.

Cheering You Up

Be it after a breakup or if you scored low on a test, your best friend always knows how to cheer you up. He/she will never be able to afford to see you sad and will do everything to prevent that from happening. They might even order you your go to snack, even if they themselves are broke!

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