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Top 10 Prank Call Ideas for Strangers and Random People

Pulling pranks on people is something that we have all enjoyed at least at some point of our lives. While most of us left that habit long back, it can never hurt to revert back to childhood sometimes, right? It can be a lot of fun to pull off some harmless pranks on strangers and later have a laugh about it! So here are some harmless cool pranks call ideas that you can try on for strangers and random people.

Fast Food Chain Prank

Call up a random stranger and pretend that you are calling for a food delivery from McDonald’s or Pizza Hut, etc. And piss them off by trying to order food from them. Even if they disconnect your call angrily, call them back and keep repeating your order and hear them fuming with rage as they keep trying to convince you that they are not a restaurant.

Order Food that The Outlet Doesn’t Serve

Call up a random food joint such as Starbucks and or Burger King and try ordering something from them that they definitely do not serve! For example you could call up Starbucks and right after giving out a fake name and address for delivery, you could completely irritate them by trying to order a Biryani even.

Why Did You Call Me?

You could simply call up a random number and tell them that you are just calling them back because you had received a missed call from them. Now wait and hear their puzzled voices while they try to figure out what happened.

Play Music

This is a very silly prank indeed, but it will definitely leave the other side of the phone very pissed while you have a laugh about it. Simply call a random stranger on their phone, and switch on some loud music on your speakers. If they hang up, just call them again!

Remain Silent

Just call up a random number and stay silent after they have picked up. Do not speak a word even if they keep saying ‘hello’ repeatedly. And when they finally disconnect out of anger, call them up again and repeat the prank while silently laughing while they bang their heads out of anger!

Calling as a Potential Buyer

Call up a random stranger and tell them that you saw their advertisement on the internet as they were trying to sell a laptop(or anything else) and that you were interested in buying. If they ask you how you got their number, just tell them that it was given in the advertisement and have fun while they get riled up and cannot think of ‘how this happened?’

Hit-Man Prank

Ring up a stranger and tell them “Your job is done, sir. The body has been disposed off. Could I please receive my payment as early as possible?”. Tell them this and hear their perplexed voices as they get horrified and try to tell you that you have got the wrong number. This is indeed a scary prank, but you can surely have a good laugh off it.

Happy Birthday Prank

Call up a stranger and before they can say anything start singing “Happy Birthday to you”. This prank could be hilarious, as sometimes your confused victims tend to play along and might even thank you for the wishes before hanging up!

Pretend to be Calling for Tech Support

Call a random number and tell them that you are calling from their network provider. And as they ask you the reason for this call, tell them that their connection will be cut, effective immediately and before they can ask you any further questions, hang up. This prank will leave them confused, and they will never know what actually happened!

Package Delivery Prank

Call up a random person and tell them that you have a package for them and you are currently waiting outside. As the perplexed stranger makes his way to the door to see who’s there, disconnect the call and have a rather good love about his/ her foolishness!

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