12 K-Pop Songs That Are Actually Remakes

K-pop songs are very popular globally, and attract lots of fans from all over the world. But it maybe a surprise to many fans that some K-pop songs are remakes. Nowadays, many K-pop artists put their own creative touch by adding raps, modern beats, and etc. The whole re-making process adds a unique touch and style which enhances the song more. The original songs and their artists come back to the spotlight too. Remakes can really bring back life to old songs.

Here are some of the remakes that K-pop artists have put out:

AESPA – “Next Level”

This song got banned for Korean Students who are appearing for SAT Exams, just because it has a catchy beat and addictive melody! But the song is actually a remake of an OST sung by A$ton Wyld in the 2019 film “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”. Despite being a remake, Aespa has added their own colours and portrayed their concept very well by adding elements like Kwangya, Synk, NÆVIS, P.O.S, their alter avatars & etc.

BTS – “Coffee”

The song “Drinking Coffee” was released by Urban Zakapa in 2011. Then, in 2013, BTS made their own version of song and included it in first mini album O!RUL8,2?.

I.O.I‘s – “Whatta Man”

One of IOI’s hit songs is actually a remake of Salt-N-Pepa‘s song released in 1993. But Salt-N-Pepa‘s version is a remake too! The original one was a record-charting song by Linda Lyndell‘s in 1968. This shows that this song is really a classic!


This was originally sung by Park Hye-Kyung in 2003. Then in 2021, Joy made her solo debut through this song. In fact, her whole album was a unique remake album. The song ‘Hello’ gives a meaningful message about forgetting the hard times and having hope in yourself. It’s a healing song with upbeat rhythm and the music video is amazing as well!

SHINEE – “Hello”

The song was originally introduced by Mohammad Ali in 2009 with his song “Holla”. After a year, SHINee recreated the song with their own charms and brought smile to Shawol’s (fandom name) faces with a catchy melody.

BTS J-HOPE – “Chicken Noodle Soup”

The song featuring Mexican-American pop artists Becky G, is also a remake! The original song was by Bianca Bonnie (previously known as Young B), who is an American singer, rapper based in Harlem. She herself expressed gratitude towards J-Hope and Becky G for allowing the song to reinvent itself.

RED VELVET – “Be Natural”

The original song was released by S.E.S in the year 2000 and was a big hit. Seulgi and Irene already did a cover of this song when they were SM Rookies before debut. After debut, they decided to remake this song with all members of the group in 2014. The song also featured NCT member Taeyong as the rapper. Both S.E.S and Red Velvet are under SM Entertainment.

SUPER JUNIOR – “Happiness”

This bubbly and cheerful song was released by H.O.T in 1997. After a decade, in 2007, Super Junior made a remake and brought back the song into spotlight. Both Super Junior and H.O.T are label-mates and are under S.M Entertainment.

MOMOLAND – “Wrap me in Plastic”

The girl group Momoland collaborated with German EDM Producer ‘Chromance’ to redevelop and add unique twist to his song. The song is very popular on Tik Tok and has a very catchy melody. Many non-Kpop fans don’t realise that this is actually a K-Pop song!

BOA – “Spark”

The song was originally sung by Luis Fonsi who is known for the megahit song ‘Despacito’. It was released in 2003, under the name ‘Keep My Cool’. After an year, in 2004, BoA came up with a Korean version of the song.

F(X) – “Hot Summer”

It was originally sung by a successful German girl group called ‘Monsroe’. It was released in 2007 and topped many music charts in Europe. Then in year, 2011, f(x) released their own version. f(x) managed to pull it off just the way girl group Monsroe did.

GIRLS GENERATION – “Dancing Queen”

The original was sung by Duffy in 2008, under the name ‘Mercy’. The song was topping charts worldwide. After four years, in 2013, Girls’ Generation recreated this song and charted Korean Charts! The song was topping Gaon Charts and hit number 2 on Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100.

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