How To Take Care Of Your Parents At Home In Their Old Age As You Grow Up?

In the hustle and bustle of life, one often forgets to cherish the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. The world keeps us occupied with its affairs so much that one such blessing you fail to recognize is “parents”, and it takes a moment of reflection to realize their importance.

As a kid or even as a young adult, your parents take care of all your needs and address every issue concerned with you. As their age advances, a gradual change is observed in their physical & emotional behaviour. Particularly, in old age, their habits resemble more or less like those of a child and they become somewhat dependant.

Old age is inevitable in living beings. Once a young energetic couple now looks up to their children for maintaining their affairs; children, who they brought up with great care & affection. Unfortunately, when this phase of senescence arrives, more often than not, it is seen that the child, as an adult, finds it laborious to attend to the needs of its old parents. It is necessary to have the understanding that it is not a burden but a duty to look after your old parents, The duty that must be fulfilled with generosity and steps must be taken to make certain that your parents find ease in their old age.

1) Fulfil Their Needs Without Making Them Feel Dependent:-

As a young person, you must address the needs of your old parents just like they did when you were incapable of doing it yourself. With the advance in age, certain issues surround the person’s life in terms of health both physical and mental. In this hour of need, as their child, you must ensure medical care as well as emotional support for your parents.

2) Patience And Understanding:-

Forgetfulness, repetition of things/ incidents become common habits of people as they enter the senescence phase of life. It is also perceived that there are days when old people go on talking for hours & on some days they hardly utter a word & prefer befriending solitude. In all these scenarios, it is requisite to assure them of your unconditional love & care without complaining about their behaviour. Instead of finding it strenuous, one should consider it as a great opportunity to take care of those who brought you up.

3) Provision Of A Helping Hand Or House-Care:-

A busy life makes it difficult to be always there for your parents. For this particular reason, a helping hand or house care help must be arranged. These little things make them aware of your love and care.

4) Home Safety Measures:-

It is often seen that old people lose their control and a trip that can cause severe injuries, if fatal. Ensure home safety by making provision of, slip-proof bathroom floor, railings in house, night lamps, holdings near toilet seat to make ease in getting up.

5) Teach Them How To Use Modern Technology:-

A big step towards looking after your old parents is acquainting them with modern technology. This gives them a sense of independence and freedom in their old age. They can stay in touch with their friends and close associates and with you too when you are far away.

6) Set Your Priorities Straight:-

A person is never too occupied for something that tops her/his priority. If you prioritize something, you are naturally bound to work your way out to make time for it. The same applies when it comes to showing attentiveness to seeing your parents in old age. Spend time with your parents, especially in their old age. It never hurts to give special attention to your parents and discussing things with them, however small. To have a blessing of conversing with your old parents, shouldn’t be discarded. Appreciate them as they have done the same for you.

People in old age often suffer with health issues like dementia. In these situations, in addition to medical support, unconditional affection and emotional support system plays a crucial role.

7) ‘Ring A Bell” Tool :-

For those whose parents are bedridden, make sure you look after them well. Provide them with a bell that they can make use of by pressing the button whenever they need something. This small step ensures that their needs are met irrespective of their condition.

8) Old Age Home Is For The Needy, Not A Dumping Ground Of Your Duties Towards Your Parents:-

Old age homes should be home to those who have no one of their own to look after them. It must not be made a place of dwelling for your parents when you are around to perform your duty. Don’t dump your parents in these old age homes. Every person is occupied with her/ his growth but that shouldn’t be the reason for excluding yourself from addressing the needs of your parents in their old age. The realization of taking care of your parents should not come when they are no longer there. As a child, fulfilling your duty towards old parents shouldn’t be the last thing on your mind. It must take priority.

9) Complete Isolation Gives Rise To Mental Health Issues:-

Don’t leave your parents in isolation making them vulnerable to deteriorating mental health. People in old age are said to be the same as kids in their childhood, only with a lot of life experience. Constantly convey that you care for them. Some ways of doing this is getting them involved in things, encouraging them to spend time with their friends and including them in important family occasions and functions.

Apart from all the above things, make sure to reach out to your parents. A phone call or a video call consistently if you’re far from them, will make a huge difference in their life and your day. But nothing matches the happiness of physical presence on both ends. They are as happy to see you as you are to see them. Life may have ups and downs, it is not a constant line & shouldn’t be, that’s why spending quality time with your parents should be considered a blissful thing at any point in life.

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