How to Get a Perfect V-Shaped Jawline Naturally (Without Cosmetic Surgery)?

Getting the perfect v-shaped jawline is everybody’s dream. But you don’t need to have a surgery for getting it. There are lot of home remedies by which you can get a perfect v-shaped jawline.

A sharp chin and a sharp v-shaped jawline can give you a more youthful and beautiful look. But do not worry because you will get a lot of information about getting a perfect jawline from this article.

Did you know that facial massages can help you get a perfect v-shaped jawline? With the proper method and determination, you can easily achieve your goal of getting a perfect v-shaped jawline.

So, for you we have put down a step by step facial massage tutorial for getting the perfect v-shaped jawline that you desire. Keep scrolling!

How facial massage can give you a “V-shaped” Jawline: –

  • Massaging your chin and jawline is an effective way to say goodbye to a double chin. It enhances blood circulation and tones the facial muscles and helps to remove harmful substances from your skin. 
  • This massage can be initiated by the use of oil or cream and then applying pressure on the chin and follow up with the pressure on the entire jawline for 3o seconds.
  • With time, direct this pressure towards the chin and neck and come back to the jawline.
  • Continue this process for 30-60 seconds.
  • Do this massage regime at least once a day.
  • The facial massage rollers can also be used for this purpose as they provide ease in massaging.
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How to get a prominent jawline with “Mewing”?

This technique/exercise was given by Mike mew to develop jawline definition and facial symmetry. Apart from this, mewing prevents mouth breathing and fixes neck posture.

Step 1- Look towards the front and close your mouth.

Step 2- Make back teeth contact as in biting down without applying excessive pressure.

Step 3- The tongue portion should be pressed against the roof of the mouth. Press the entire tongue on the roof of the mouth and not just the tip. Don’t let your tongue fall.

7 major changes you need to make in your life to get rid of double chin and acquire a chiseled jawline:-

  1. Drink black coffee: – Certain properties of black coffee allow your body to boost metabolism and reduce water content in the body including your face.
  2. Reduce intake of salt as it can cause your body to withhold water and make your face appear puffy and deprive you of a prominent jawline.
  3. Drink more water-2L per day. 
  4. Do some cardio and other physical activities like running, jogging, swimming, cycling to keep your overall body in a fit shape.
  5. Keep right posture and avoid slouching as it may make your double chin appear bigger than what it is.
  6. Get good sleep at night as lack of sleep can increase the level of stress hormones and they wake your appetite up and mess with your metabolism.
  7. Smile! A simple and happy way to bid farewell to double chin.
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