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11 Best Food Items for Glowing Skin in Just 10 Days

Is your face filled with acne and blemishes? And does it seem like your face has lost all the moisture? This happens because of our day-to-day hectic life. These are caused due to improper diet and due to pollution, smoke, and dirt. Are you tired of trying multiple skincare products and home remedies? Don’t worry, there is another way. Here we have compiled a list of the 11 best food items you can consume daily to have perfectly glowing skin. trust me, these foods will start to show their magic just within 10 days. Go ahead and keep scrolling for glowing skin.


Tomatoes are rich in carotenoids and vitamin C. It consists of essential enzymes like lycopene, beta-carotene, and lutein which provide protection from the adverse effects of harmful UV rays. It is also known to prevent wrinkles. Lycopene in tomatoes also boosts the strength of collagen. Tomatoes in any form, such as sauce, can help to remove acne.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is probably one of the most delicious food items you can consume for healthy and glowing skin. It consists of antioxidants that remove toxins from the skin. Chocolate consists of flavonoids that protect the skin from harmful UV rays. It prevents the early signs of aging, locks in moisture, and strengthens collagen, and improves blood circulation. The magnesium content in dark chocolate prevents breakouts. Make sure you eat dark chocolate because milk chocolate does not have as many benefits.


Yogurt, be it Greek or normal, contains lactic acid, which helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines by tightening pores. It also has exfoliating properties which remove the layer of dead skin cells. It contains probiotics that help in digestion, clearing out breakouts, and promoting healthy skin. After every meal, have a bowl of yogurt and see if it works its magic on your skin.

Green tea

Green tea does not only burn calories, but it also promotes healthy skin. It has antioxidant properties which remove toxins from the body, provide healthy skin, and furthermore, prevent the risk of skin cancer. It is also known to soothe irritations and prevent early signs of aging. Its polyphenol content reduces the secretion of sebum and thus prevents acne. It is also rich in vitamin E, which moisturizes the skin. If you want glowing skin, here is your cue. Replace your regular tea with green tea.


Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps protect the skin from the adverse effects of UV rays. It also consists of zinc, vitamin A, B, E, and C. Vitamins B and E aid in the maintenance of flawless, gleaming skin. It contains lutein, which prevents the skin from becoming wrinkled and dry. Broccoli has a compound known as sulforaphane, which reduces the risk of skin cancer. No matter how much you hate broccoli, you need to start eating it for the perfect skin.


Besides being creamy and tasting delicious, the avocado is one of the most nutritious fruits. It is rich in biotin, which is also known as B7, which helps in increasing the regeneration of cells. It hydrates the skin and reduces inflammation because it contains healthy fats like omega 3. It has antimicrobial properties which help in preventing breakouts. Its biotin content prevents the skin from drying.


Carrots are packed with a high amount of beta-carotene, vitamin A and antioxidants. It protects the skin from the adverse effects of UV rays. Eating carrots makes skin healthier because it removes toxins. It is also good for clearing breakouts. Antioxidants in carrots prevent the accumulation of dead skin which blocks the pores.


Blueberries consist of antioxidants that protect the skin from damage, heal it and also prevent premature aging. Eating blueberries every day helps in improving blood circulation, which is necessary for good and healthy skin. Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and anthocyanin which help boost the strength of collagen. It is also known to reduce breakouts and acne.


Oranges are one of the best sources of vitamin C, and they are one of the most important food items for glowing skin. Its vitamin C content helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Oranges are also known to keep the skin hydrated. It also boosts collagen production and reduces inflammation.


If you want to have perfectly glowing skin, include salmon in your diet now. The fish oil in salmon helps to have glowing skin and reduce inflammation. It consists of omega-3 fatty acids and DMAE, which help promote healthy skin. The omega-3 fatty acid found in salmon helps in strengthening collagen and elastin, and it also retains the moisture of the skin. It consists of good fat, which helps in having glowing skin. It is one of the superfoods for the skin.


Eating almonds every day is a great way to have glowing skin. It not only improves memory but also promotes healthy skin. It is rich in vitamin E, which helps repair cells, provides protection against harmful UV rays, and helps soften the skin. Its vitamin E content also has antioxidants which help in reducing acne. Go ahead and have almonds regularly because they are also a great source of calcium.

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