Top 10 Online Games That You Can Play on Phone in 2022

There is nothing as soothing as playing games online with your friends and partners. It not only kills boredom and brings enjoyment but also helps in building lifelong connections. But, is it that the best games can be played only on laptops or computers? Of course, not! Modern Smartphones offer the same compatibility when it comes to online games. Here are the top 10 online games that can be played on both Mobile and PCs.

1. Among US

A holistic game, released in 2018, but soon took the internet and the gaming industry by storm with its impeccable features. Set in a space theme, the players need to find an imposter and eliminate or throw him out of the space station.

2. Fortnite

Developed by Epic Games, the game gives a true sense of battlefield and crisis-like situations. Keeping the users engaged, the game can be played on both laptop and mobile but needs to be installed from the official website of Epic Games.

3. Candy Crush

No matter the age, if there is a game that can be played by anyone, it’s Candy Crush Saga. The player needs to swap candies to match the patterns and the more candies the player matches, the more points he earns.

4. GTA

This old game with a new look just brings back the adrenaline rush for any game-lover. With high-end graphics and a revamp, Grand Theft Auto or GTA never misses to awe its players. It is always a moment of joy to play GTA with friends.

5. Angry Birds

The game once created such a buzz that even adults became fans of this superb game. The new version of Angry Birds 2 gives just another level of feeling which is unmatchable and incomparable with any other online game.

6. 8 ball billiards

Billiard sports, which is generally regarded as a classy game or a game of the rich, can now be played by all on laptops or phones. 8 Ball Billiards provides a wholesome experience where your friends can join and play an online multiplayer game.

7. Ludo King 

If there is a game that helped all sustain through boring Lockdowns, then it’s Ludo King. The perfect app for all-age groups which keeps players’ attention in loops all the time but very know that the game can be played on PCs and laptops too.

8. Asphalt

To think of games and forget car racing is no less than a sin. With never ending versions, Asphalt just raises levels and goals. Accessible on both computers and laptops, this game is never gonna come out of any gamers’ list.

9. Call of Duty

Call of Duty, set in varied scenes like World war, outer space and futuristic worlds, is always on the list of true gamers. The game checks the activeness, sharpness and presence of mind of players. It can be played on both laptops and mobiles.

10. Roblox

Roblox is just another superb game that catches the attention of not only the player but also the attention of anyone around. A fantastic game that is famous worldwide as it lets its users create anything or be anything they imagine.


That’s all! These are the best online mobile game apps that you can play. Let us know in the comments which one suits you the foremost to experience infinitive enjoyment and thrill. But I assure you that each of the games that I have mentioned above has something unique to offer and can keep you entertained for the whole day.

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