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11 Best Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend (Brother from Another Mother)

Everyone must agree that best friends are one of a kind. They love you no matter what, respect you the way you are and always have your back. You must have lost hundreds of friends since you were a child but there is at least one friend who sticked with you. Best friend is your constant support system and a shoulder to cry on. Though he can be a little bit of a tightwad when it comes to spending money but that does not mean you should not appreciate and spoil him with gifts. He totally deserves it because he has been there for you.

A gaming keyboard and mouse for your gamer best friend

Is your best friend a gamer? Does he have all the latest games? But it also gets frustrating sometimes for you, doesn’t it? Anyway, show him that you respect his hobbies and buy him a super cool gaming keyboard and mouse set and earn some brownie points if it comes with LED lights for playing in the dark.

A set of beer glasses for him so that you too can vibe together at weekends

Is your best friend a beer guy? Come on, who does not love a glass of beer after a hectic day or while watching a football match? Gift your bestie a set of beer glasses if only, of course, he is of legal age to drink. You two homies can chill on a weekend with a glass of beer.

A reusable set of ice so that your best friends always get his drinks super chilled

Almost every drink requires ice, doesn’t it? Be it cold coffee, iced tea, beer or whiskey? But isn’t it stressful to always put water in the fridge to freeze and most of the time you guys just forget about it? Then you need to gift a set of reusable ice. Just pop these in the freezer for a few minutes and you are all set to have a glass of chilled beer or something.

A set of bottle openers to stop hurting your best friend’s tooth

Do you guys always have to open a bottle of beer using a coin or your teeth and then it starts bleeding? Do you guys always struggle with opening the cork of a wine bottle? Gift him a set of bottle opener and a corkscrew opener because it is guaranteed that he has always wanted one.

A bottle of perfume for your best friend to smell good during meetings

It is always necessary to smell good, isn’t it? So, gift your best friend a bottle of fancy perfume so that he stops stinking. I hope you agree that smelling good can impress people, be it in meetings or in pubs. Moreover, if you are confused if he will be happy with any other gift or not, don’t stress about it much, just buy him a perfume.

A trimmer for your beard man best friend

If your best friend is a huge fan of beard and loves doing many things with it, he needs an electric trimmer in his life. Give him an electric trimmer which has different sets of blades because it will help him shave, trim and shape his beard. If your best friend has finally started growing beard, then this gift is a must have.

A wireless charger so that your best friend’s phone is always charged

Does your best friend fall in the category of never charging his phone enough and you are never able to reach him via calls? Gift him a wireless charger. He can charge his phone anytime he wants and anywhere he wants, and he is good to go. Then at least you won’t have to call him a million times before he picks up.

A wallet so that your best friend can replace the super old one

Guys tend to use a single wallet for, what seems like, a thousand years. Don’t they? Your best friend must be still using a wallet he bought like 5 years ago, does he? And maybe that purse is a wreck by now. Take this opportunity and gift a super cool and super elegant wallet. Bonus, he might use this gift for another 5 years.

A kitchen tool set so that you best friends saves money from takeaways

Does your best friend live all alone? Does he not have many utensils and doesn’t know how to cook? And does he live on take away foods? Give him a kitchen tool set which includes important utensils for daily use. This gift will help him save a little money from junk foods and it will inspire him to cook tasty dishes.

A bean bag for your best friend to get comfortable on

Do you agree that bean bags are the comfiest things to sit on? I mean, you could literally sleep on that thing. Without wasting much time, order a bean bag for your best friend. After a hectic day at the office, he can come home to that comfy bean bag and vibe with a glass of beer.

A backpack with many compartments for your messiest friend

Is your best friend the messiest person? Forgets almost everything at home except for himself. Buy him a super cool backpack with lots of compartments. He can carry his laptop, chargers, headphones, gym clothes, etc., in that. He will love it because who doesn’t love a new backpack? Don’t wait, just go ahead, and buy one for him.

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