Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS [Tried & Tested]

Want to make your social media posts more creative and engaging? Do you want to increase CTR on your YouTube video, drive traffic on your website or boost the conversation of your ads?

Then the real challenge for you is to create a high-quality visually appealing creative post that stands out amongst the clutter and people don’t scroll past your post of over a billion daily posts and makes them engage on your post.

Let’s unleash our creativity!!! We put together a list of the top 5 free trendy photo editor applications for iPhone users that anyone can use to make their posts more attractive. These mobile softwares can help you save time and give a great result on-the-go, and definitely can save you some expenses.

Checkout Top 5 free professional photo editing mobile apps [Tried & Tested]

1. Canva

Life without canva wouldn’t be easy for many like freelancers, content writers or digital marketers. You must be wondering why I love Canva and why it is on the top of my list; It is because It’s super easy to use and Its select drag-and-drop feature is amazing, makes it more user-friendly.

It is available for both mobile phones as well as desktop. For small work, I use the mobile app and if I have to do more than 1 creative I prefer the desktop version. I design almost everything like my own social media posts, presentations for clients, featured images for blog posts, etc. I have tried free and paid as well. 

Features: On the desktop version, Canva provides you with many features. They give you various templates to create your own posts. Tools to help you learn everything step by step are also provided. This is one of the most user-friendly platforms for photo editing.

Professional Advice: If you can afford it try their paid service. You can use copyright free images, icons and many other features.

2. Photo Editor Pro by Inshot

I prefer this tool mostly for video editing but this app can also help you edit pictures easily. Inshot is one of the most popular editing apps on the play store with over 5 million downloads and an impressive rating of 4.8 stars. It has a lot of features that you can use to bring your creative ideas to life.

Features: Inshot is predominantly a video editing app, so it offers features like Video Merging, Video Splitting, Video Trimming, etc. to help you make top class videos. For photo editing, the app also offers lots of stylish collage layout, Unique filters, colourful backgrounds, over 1000 stickers, etc. 

3. Picsart

This is 2nd on my list because it’s desktop version is a little complicated, it doesn’t have enough features available in the free version. But the PicsArt app is worth installing on the mobile. Picsart on mobile has countless features and is incredibly fun to use. At first, the number of features and tools might seem cumbersome, but after using the app for some time, you will find it very pleasant and you’ll have fun using it.

Features: Picsart gives you almost every imaginable photo editing tool to you for free. There are different kinds of paint brushes that you can use to draw anything you want. There are loads of filters, collages and other tools that will help you create almost any pic you want. Picsart can also be used to make memes easily because of its wide range of functions.

4. Instagram

Instagram story tool, If you haven’t used it yet, Then you must. I prefer this tool when I have to add some text to an image or to add a poll. This can also be used as a cheat code to quickly edit pics or make low effort memes. You can edit a pic however you want in the Instagram story and just save it to post it anywhere.

Features: Instagram’s story tool gives you a bunch of options on how to edit your photo. You can draw with different kinds of brushes, you can type text in different fonts or you can use different filters to see which one works best with your picture

5. Pixel lab

Pixel Lab is an underrated photo editing app. It’s not as feature-heavy as Picsart or Canva but it gets the job done, and has enough tools to keep you satisfied with your content. The app has an immaculate design with features that are apt to the user requirements. Try it out and experience yourself with the easy to use and user friendly features.

Features: Pixel Lab allows you to add and customize text however you want. It offers a bunch of text customization effects and allows you to draw whatever you want over your pics. You can also add effects and different types of backgrounds to your pics.

Final Thoughts:

There are 100+ choices of photo editor apps, but The question is – Which photo apps are worth your while because it can be a challenge deciding which ones are the best.

To make the most out of these apps, you have to introduce these apps to yourself with the app features and understand how it works. It will hardly take 10 min of tutorials.

What do you think? Do you use, or plan to test, any of these photo editing apps to improve the image quality of your next social media post or ads? Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!—-and if you have any suggestions please reach out to me.

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